Unjustified CCJ completely removed & full costs

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“Unjustified CCJ completely removed and full costs”

Written on: 31/05/2019

In 2017 a court bailiff attended my home with a CCJ but it was not ordered to my name, it was a similar name to mine. The bailiff was awesome and once he had checked all of my id he was convinced that I was not the said person the CCJ. I called the issuer of the CCJ who was LOWELL but they then out me onto BW Legal, this is when my nightmare began. For 2.5 years I had called them and complained that I was not the person on their file, they placed an alias on my credit file and i almost lost my job.
I called and called and complained and all they would do is place the account on hold and do nothing and then contact me and ask for payment. When I asked what investigations they had completed they said we know that you are the person we are looking for. That was how this carried on for 2 years until I finally had enough and contacted Lender and court. They took over the communication and advised me all the way. for £499 i got an excellent service and felt that for once BWL had to address my issues.
I finally got them to hear my complaint but they still never really took this seriously and so i issued a N244. All of this process was supported by Lender and Court and at no point was I ever unsure of the information I was being given.
On the 29th May I finally got my day in court and I prepared some key notes for all parties and the Judge was quick to make a judgement in my favour. He had noted that the CCJ was never served by the bailiff as the bailiff had returned it with detailed notes of the checks he had performed on me that first day, so BWL knew I was not their defendant.
I got all costs awarded back to me.
I know that some people reading this review may be thinking that £499 is a lot of money and it is, but it is worth every penny.

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