Top 9 Scariest Halloween Creatures

They are creepy and they are spooky, mysterious and cause real panic. In medieval towns, when folklore and legends ruled, these scary creatures imposed great fear among the public. They become especially popular around Halloween. Here we offer a list of some of October's stars with related movies that were inspired by them.

Top 9 Scariest Halloween Creatures

  • Demons

    Demons-Halloween creatures

    Demons, in religion and folklore are considered to be a malevolent ghost or a puppet of Satan. In present day demons are feared mainly because it is believed that they have the power to possess living creatures. Demons and demonic power as a subject is popular in horror and science fiction. Popular films include Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, (Sweeny Todd on IMDb) starring Jonny Depp and Angels and Demons, (Angels and Demons on IMDb) an adaptation of Dan Brown's novel.

    The Exorcism of Emily Rose([A;]The Exorcism of Emily Rose[/A] on IMDb) is a 2005 horror film which tells the story of a young women being possessed by demonic spirits. The film is said to be based on true events.

    In October 2009 the social network Twitter was bombarded with tweets about the horror film hit Paranormal Activity, (Paranormal Activity on IMDb). It is also based on the concept of demons and their ability to demonize humans.

  • Zombies

    Zombies-Halloween Scary Creatures

    A zombie is a creature who's been revived from the dead through black magic and has turned into a mindless human being. Zombies originate from the Afro-Caribbean Voodoo belief which tells that dead people can come back to the Earth as evil creatures. According to popular myths zombies are created through contagious bites from other zombies or when certain phenomena are causing the animation of a recent dead. These horrific creatures have a very distinct behaviour with poor sensory and slow motor functions. They have very little intelligence but are able to recognize another zombie. Myths tell that they feed upon living flesh, especially brain. As suggested by the zombie myths, to kill a zombie one has to destroy their brain as this is the organ they mostly need to remain so.

    Zombies became a very famous and successful device in horror films after the success of the 1968 horror movie 'Night of the Living Dead' directed by George Romero. In 1990 Tom Savini directed the remake of the movie which also turned to be a great success.

    Zombie horror films are a great means of entertainment for horror movie fans with numerous examples of horror blockbusters like 28 days later(28 Days Later in IMDb), Braindead, Creep, (Creep on IMDb) and Zombieland, (Zombieland on IMDb).

  • Werewolves

    Werewolves-Halloween Scary Creatures

    Werewolves are typically normal human beings until a Full Moon. It is then that they shift shape into a wolf or wolf-like creature and according to the legend this happens because they were either bitten by another werewolf or because they were cursed.

    As a scary creature, a werewolf is a popular character in horror fiction. The Wolf Man, (The Wolf Man in IMDb) is a 2009 remake of the classical 1941 horror film of the same name, (The Wolf Man). It is set in 19th century Britain and tells the story of a man who chases his brother's killer who then turns to be a werewolf.

    Underworld (2003), (Underworld on IMDb) and its sequel Underworld: Evolution (2006) tells the story of a type of werewolf known as Lycans who are being chased by vampires.[P] [P]Whether it's real or mythical this fusion of man and wolf has been terrifying people for centuries. So if you want to secure yourself it is good to know what the myths tell about killing a werewolf. Equip yourself with silver or a weapon made of silver. Silver is a magical metal known for its power to destroy werewolves. Another substance that kills werewolves is mercury which can be found in thermometers. Mercury bullets are sure to save you from a werewolf.

  • Witches

    Witches on Halloween

    Pointy black hats and warty noses are popular associations with witches. However witches have a long and tragic history across the world. People labelled as witches have been considered to possess supernatural power and to use their powers to harm or damage members of public. They were demonized as heretics by the Christian church and some in medieval Europe were burnt alive. A witch costume is among the most popular for Halloween parties.

    In films witches are not as popular as other scary creatures. However witch craft has been an inspiration for many good movies, not necessarily horror. As the myths are that some witches are good, the subject has been used in popular kids TV series, a popular example being Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Nicole Kidman was the star in two witch related Hollywood films, Bewitched, (Bewitched on IMDb) in 2005 and Practical Magic, (Practical Magic on IMDb) where she co-starred with Sandra Bullock. The Blair Witch Project is a horror movie which tells the story of a group of students filmmakers who go into a forest to film a documentary about the Blair Witch and subsequently go missing.

  • Ghosts

    Ghosts- Halloween Scary Creatures

    Ghosts are the most popular paranormal phenomena. People believe that places which have been the site of a tragedy remain haunted by the spirits of those deceased. There are many places around the world considered to be haunted due to their old age or because someone found their death there. A lot of people around the world are interested in investigating whether or not ghosts exist. Living TV broadcasts a show, Most Haunted, which follows a team of paranormal activities investigators.

    If you want to turn yourself to a ghost, on a Halloween only of course, two holes on a white sheet and you are done!

    Ghosts have been the subject of many horror and fantasy films. A very popular one is the film Ghost starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. The film suggests that friendly ghosts can help us in difficult times. A famous ghost character is the friendly ghost Casper who has been featured in many children's films. Ghostbusters, (Ghostbusters on IMDb) is a comedy film inspired by the existence of ghosts.

    Whether true or imaginary there are many recorded ghost sightings and many places around the world are believed to be haunted, especially old castles, ancient houses, remote forests, etc.

  • Vampires

    Vampires-Halloween Scary Creatures

    Vampires have existed in folklore for many years, although the fanged creature we know today popped up in Eastern Europe in the 18th century. People believed that someone who dies an inexplicable death could rise after burial and terrorize the living. Vampires are known to feast on human blood which they suck with their fangs. Today vampires are a very popular character in horror fiction, both books and films. Vampire costumes also top up the list on Halloween.

    Vampires have been the subject of horror fiction ever since it came into existence. The most famous vampire character of all times is count Dracula who lived in Transylvania. Dracula was 'born' in the 1897 gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker. Ever since then vampires have been used in successful horror films like Blade, (and its sequel Blade 2), (Blade on IMDb), Interview with Vampire, (Interview with Vampire on IMDb) Queen of the Damned (Queen of the Damned on IMDb) and the latest film hit Twilight (Twilight on IMDb).

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a famous TV series which tells the story of Buffy Summers whose fate is to fight vampires, demons and other dark forces.

  • Goblins

    Goblins on Halloween

    Goblins have come to be famous from fairy tales and unlike all other scary creatures they have never crossed the line of the imaginary and do not cause panic. They are mischievous creatures who are disfigured phantoms and live in the forests. They vary in height and attributed features depending on the story and country of origin. In fiction they appear in medieval plays as well is in some modern animated films and computer games.

  • Poltergeists

    Poltergeist- Halloween Scary Creatures

    Poltergeists are paranormal phenomena which manifest themselves by moving objects in a given place, like a house or a room. They have been reported in many cultures around the world. There is no credible scientific evidence for the existence of poltergeist, although there are numerous reported cases of their activities. The concept of poltergeists became popular in fiction in 1982 with the Poltergeist movies, a trilogy of horror films. The poltergeist concept appears in the Harry Potter series as well with the poltergeist named Peeves who lives in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  • Fairies

    Fairies on Halloween

    Fairies are mythological and legendary creatures who are said to be supernatural spirits. They are noted for their mischief and malice. Harmless activities such as stealing small items, tangling someone's hair into locks, leading travellers' astray are attributed to fairies. But there are some dangerous behaviour attributed to fairies such as sudden death, mysterious illness, etc. Unlike all the other creatures, fairies are not as popular in horror fiction. In fantasy books and films fairies have been attributed with good behaviour, generally helping others.