Top 10 Most Haunted and Scariest Places Around the World

Haunted places are mainly associated with violent or tragic events such as murder, torture, suicide, etc and are believed to be inhabited by the spirits of those deceased. There are many houses, old buildings, creepy forests and underground cemetries around the world which are believed to be haunted and many people claim to have seen ghosts or feel they are not alone. Here is a list of scary places and their spooky stories from around the world. You may wish to avoid visiting them or maybe pack straight away.

Top 10 most haunted and scariest places around the world

  • The Catacombs of Paris

    Picture of the Catacombs of Paris, France

    The Catacombs of Paris are an underground cemetery in Paris, France and are a popular tourist attraction. The bones began accumulating in the catacombs in 1786, just as momentum for the Revolution was building in Paris. Land was scarce and the city's cemeteries were severely overcrowded. So the government decided to reclaim the large plots of land that had been used for cemeteries. They did this by slowly relocating the remains of those buried in the cemeteries to the empty limestone quarries, whose tunnels were on the outskirts of town at that time. Most of the buildings in Paris are made of limestone and so these quarries were fairly vast! The process of disinterring the bones from the cemeteries, moving them into the quarries, and arranging them in orderly piles according to type of bone (no skeletons are complete, instead you can see large stacks of leg bones, skulls and other types of bones) took several decades. No attempt was made to identify or separate individual bodies, instead each set of bones was marked with a plaque noting the cemetery they came from and the year they were moved. By the time the relocation was finished in 1860, an estimated five to six million skeletons had been moved from the cemeteries to the catacombs.

  • The Catacombs of the Capuchins

    Picture of the Catacombs of Capuchins

    The Catacombs of the Capuchins in Sicily contain thousands of mummified bodies; which alone is creepy enough, but these bodies are dressed in their typical clothes and arranged in poses, like sitting on a rocking chair or chatting to another person. The last burials happened in the 1920s. Palermo's Capuchin monastery outgrew its original cemetery in the 16th century and monks begun to excavate crypts below it. In 1599 they mummified a monk who had recently died, brother Silvestro of Gubbio, and placed him into the catacombs. Some bodies are better preserved than others. The coffins were accessible to the families of the deceased so that on certain days the family could hold their hands and they could "join" their family in prayer. Iron grill have now been installed to prevent tourists posing or tampering with the bodies.

  • The cursed Abbey of Lucedio

    A picture of the cursed Abbey of Lucedio

    The cursed Abbey of Lucedio, Italy is said to be cursed by the monks that used to live there. The story goes that around 1684 young girls who lived in the area were seduced by the devil who sent them to visit the monks in the abbey. The girls managed to corrupt the monks and turn them evil. Ever since then the abbey was plagued by evil rituals, cruelty and even child molestation. The news of these events reached Rome and it closed the abbey a hundred years later, in 1784.
    There are many paranormal events associated with the abbey. Some say that there is a pillar in one of the rooms which constantly gets wet and it is believed that the pillar cries because of all the cruelty it has seen. Locals say that monks tied their victims to that pillar. Another creepy fact is that a fog mysteriously rises (without any obvious weather explanation) above certain areas of the abbey, the Principato and the tower.

  • The Catacombs of Rome

    Picture of the Catacombs of Rome

    The Catacombs of Romes, Italy are ancient catacombs, underground burials near Rome. Millions of Christians were buried in these narrow tunnels underneath the Italian capital. The bodies were not put into coffins but their bones used as piece of art to form different sculptures. The archway throughout the catacombs is built from leg bones and skulls are placed atop each other.
    Just like the Catacombs in Paris, those in Rome attract millions of tourists. Local authorities believe that some of these tourists actually take pieces of the bodies with them. Locals believe that paranormal activity intensified after most of the bodies started disappearing. Some people report stories of odd lights and strange whispering. They believe that the spirits have been angered as they don't like being displaced.

  • The Poveglia Island

    Picture of Poveglia Island

    The Poveglia Island is a small island near Venice in Italy. The history of this island is as intriguing as it is freaky; the island is believed to be haunted and no tourists are allowed to go there. Those ghost hunters that have been allowed have left the island terrified. When the plague hit Italy the island was the place where dead bodies and those suffering from plague were dumped. Centuries after that a mad doctor built a hospital and used people for experiments and in many cases tortured his patients. This hospital still stands there. With all those tragic events it is no wonder that the Poveglia island is considered one of the scariest places on Earth.

  • Charleville Castle

    Picture of The Charleville Castle

    The Charleville Castle is believed to be one of the most haunted castles in Ireland. It is one of the many places in Ireland to have ghosts as permanent residents there. The castle was built in 1798 for the first Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury and it remained in the hands of the Charleville family until 1963 when Charles Howard Bury died. The current owner is trying to restore the castle to its original beauty and people believed that the construction works taking place have angered the ghosts living there. Workers say they hear ghostly voices and classical music throughout the castle, as well as children voices from what once used to be the nursery. A young girl, named Harriet died tragically while playing on the staircase and people claim to have seen her on the stairwell. As the castle was built on an ancient land of burial ground hooded figures have been spotted by the current owners. Paranormal investigators rank the castle among one of the spookiest places in Ireland.

  • Salem, Massachusetts

    Picture of The Witch Museum, Salem

    Salem is a small town in Massachusetts, USA and is popular for its witch related tourism and the Witch Museum which is crowded by visitors on Halloween. Much of the city's spooky tourism is because it was the location of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692: A local school is named Witchcraft Heights Elementary School and the Salem High School football team is named The Witches, police cars in the city display witch logos.

  • St. Louis Cemetery

    Picture of St Louis Cemetery, New Orleans

    St. Louis Cemetry, New Orleans is the name of a Roman Catholic cemetery in New Orleans with graves built above ground owing to the high water table in New Orleans. Cemeteries here are often referred to as "Cities of the Dead". New Orleans supposedly has some of the most haunted cemeteries in the world.

  • Jamestown Bridge


    The Jamestown Bridge, Piedmont, North Carolina is haunted by the ghost of a girl who locals believe is called Lydia. A girl named Lydia was killed by a car on her way back from a dance night in a nearby town. People claim that she stands by the bridge during rainy nights still in her white fancy dress. She asks passing cars for a ride but soon after disappears. Now, this is creepy.

  • Dudleytown

    Dudleytown, New England, Connecticut is a now derelict town best known for its haunted forest. It is forbidden to access this place and if you are seen trying to enter it, there is a fine and you could be arrested for trespassing. This place is really believed to be haunted due to tales of a curse traced back to an English nobleman, ancestor of the Dudley brothers who settled the town. Back in England, Edmund Dudley lost his head for plotting against King Henry VII. Someone or something put a curse on Edmund that followed his family to the New World and took root in Dudleytown. How else can we explain the disproportionate number of horrors that befell tiny Dudleytown and it's residents? According to some local historians, the town's stony remains have witnessed madness, suicide, fatal accidents, natural disasters, and vanishings.

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