Top 5 Most Haunted and Scariest Places in the UK

Haunted places are mainly associated with violent or tragic events such as murder, torture, suicide, etc and are believed to be inhabited by the spirits of those deceased. There are numerous old buildings, which, due to their antiquity, are believed to be haunted and many people claim to have seen ghosts.
Here is a list of scary places in the UK believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the previous occupiers. You may wish to avoid visiting them or maybe pack straight away!

Top 5 Most Haunted and Scariest Places in the UK

  • The city of York

    City of York Haunted

    There are 504 recorded hauntings in York. The city is said to be the most haunted city in the world by the Ghost Research Foundation International. The Ghost Hunt of York is a tourist activity which offers a walking tour of haunted locations in York.

    There are a few stories about the regular ghosts of York. The most famous one is about the ghosts of the lost Roman legion. A plumber who was working in the cellar of the Treasurer's House (built on a Roman road) claims to have seen the Roman soldiers' ghosts in the 1950s. According to the plumber he heard a horn and then a Roman soldier on a horse appeared from the brick wall followed by other soldiers. Many people after that claimed to have seen the legion marching through the cellar of the house. Another famous ghost of York is the Grey Lady who haunts the Georgian Theatre Royal. The Grey Lady is believed to be a nun who fell in love with a noble and for that she was locked in a windowless room which once stood where the now theatre stands. Actors believe that seeing the Grey Lady before a performance is a good omen.

  • Derby

    City of Derby Haunted Pub The Bell

    Derby is crowned 'Ghost Capital of Britain' by the BBC, with numerous recorded ghost sightings. The Derby Ghost Walks offer a ghost hunting experience for tourists around the haunted places in Derby. The Derby Gaol is an 18th century jail known as one of the most haunted places in Derby with incidents of poltergeist activity and many other spooky sightings. The Georgian House Hotel in Friar Gate is also believed to be haunted by the ghost of a naval officer. Many people say they have seen a figure of a man dressed in blue uniform in the hallway or on the stairs. Another spooky place in Derby is the Dolphin Inn which is believed to be haunted because of its great antiquity dating back to the 16th century, apparently if staff have to make a trip to the cellar they always go 2 or 3 at a time as no-one wants to go alone!

  • Chester

    Haunted Chester

    - If you ask a Chester local they will deny all claims for York and Derby being most haunted place in the UK, they will insist that it is Chester that is the spookiest place in the world. There are stories of the George and Dungeon Pub being haunted by the spirits of Roman soldiers. A French restaurant occupying the Old Fire Station is also haunted by the spirit of an old fireman and many visitors claim to have seen it.

  • Edinburgh

    Haunted Edinburgh Castle

    - Edinburgh castle and its dungeon in particular is home to the spirits of many of its victims. It is claimed that the presence of ghosts is proven scientifically by the strange reactions of visitors to the castle. On many different occasions, visitors to the castle have reported sightings of a phantom piper or a headless drummer. Also present are the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War - there is even the ghost of a dog wandering around in the grounds' dog cemetery!

  • The London Underground

    London Underground

    - Built on old graveyards and plague pits, as well as a site of many tragic events, The London Underground, used by millions every day, has a plethora of recorded ghost sightings. Tube workers are most likely to witness paranormal events on the underground. Aldwych station, which is now closed, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an actress as the station was built on the site of an old theatre. Covent Garden Station has its own ghost as well, also believed to be of an actor who used to be a regular of a bakery that once stood on the site of the station. Many people say they have heard noises on the Elephant and Castle station when the station is closed at night.

    Creep, a 2004 horror film, was filmed in London Underground. P] [P] If you are a believer and are interested in more ghostly stories there is a TV programme for you. Most Haunted is shown on Living TV and follows a team of ghost hunters visiting places which are believed to be haunted.