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Written on: 18/12/2018 by WestportLiam (1 review written)


It is with great regret that I have to write this review. I do though feel it is only fair that other customers out there know about the incompetency’s of the organisation they may be considering dealing with and also how you will be treated if you have the temerity to make a complaint or question the level of service.

THE FOLLOWING IS A 100% accurate, honest and fair account of my dealings with Hope Valley Saddlery over the last week.

1. I placed an order on Tuesday 11th December for a number of items including a jacket and also some yellow safety exercise sheets.
2. The confirmation of the order sent that day said that I would receive an e mail with updates in relation to the order.
3. I realised over the weekend 15-16 – 12. That no such e mail had been received.
4. I contacted Hope Valley Saddlery and was advised over the phone that the order had not been fulfilled and that the person I spoke to advised me they had no idea what was going on with it there were no details on their system and someone would have to come back to me.
5. I was called later in the afternoon and I missed the call and responded to the missed call and voice mail and spoke to a lady.
6. I asked her what was going on with the order she acknowledged that they had had far too many orders and they ahd been unable to cope.
7. I asked if it was fair and reasonable to take orders that they cant fulfil at this time of year and her response was we are only human.
8. We then got on to discuss the Exercise sheets. She advised me that this order would not be satisfied even though when I ordered them it said they were in stock.
9. I was advised they could nut fulfil this order as the items had been recalled at the beginning of December by the manufacturer and their systems had not been updated. I learn to day that their IT person has recently left.
10. They had no idea there was a problem with the exercise sheet and that it could not be fulfilled nor that they Jacket had not been processed or sent out at all. It is fair to say that had I not contacted them for them to investigate this matter they would never have been aware of it.
11. They clearly do not have adequate systems in place to deal with the orders they are taking.
12. I expressed how unhappy I was with the exercise sheets in particular and asked what they were going to do about it. I was advised that they would refund me my money that they had in their bank account for goods they could never have supplied. I advised well of course I will have to be refunded but are you going to do anything in respect of the terrible service. I was advised NO. Please note I was not looking for compensation just a small item to say sorry that I could give to my daughters, but no they were not prepared to d anything.
13. I advised them how poor I felt there service to be and also how they had dealt with my concerns. I advised that I was going to go on line to put an honest and fair account of my experiences.
14. At this stage I was advised that this was wrong of me and the following statement was made by the lady in question “SO YOU ARE THREATENING TO MAKE A SOCIAL MEDIA ASSAULT AGAINST OUR COAMPANY”!!!!!!!!!!!!.
15. I have never experienced something like this before you as a customer have a really bad experience and when you advise you are going to tell people about it you get attacked. Obviously you cant complain or tell the truth anymore.
16. The jacket and another item that I bought on the internet on Sunday last before I knew about all of this were to be delivered by Courier to the Beaver Hall outlet yesterday 17-12 to arrive today.
17. I received an e mail and a phone call from Beaver Hall this morning advising my that my Items had been delivered.
18. When I arrived at Beaver Hall there was just the one item the jacket and not the other.
19. The lady in the store got on the phone to Head Office who said that needed to look into it and come back to her. They called back at approx. 12.30 and advised that they did not know what had happened with the other item and could not advise as the lady who would have dealt with them was off today. Again apparently no working processes and systems.
20. They advised the lady ion the shop that they would look into it and call me.
21. I also sent an e mail to their customer service team at 13.02 confirming what had happened how let down I felt and urging them to call me ASAP to advise what was going on.
22. At 2.45 I had received to response to my e mail nor any phone call.
23. I then phoned back to Hope Valley HO and was advised by the same lady that they had not called me back as they wanted me to get home before they called. Leek to Macclesfield 2 hours I don’t think so.
24. The fact that I had to chase them yet again is really awful.
25. During the conversation I was advised that the items had been sent separately by 2 different couriers. Yes that’s 2 different couriers from Somerford to Beaver Hall with a couple of items why would anyone do that?
26. I again expressed how unhappy I was and how poor the service was advised that they have hundreds of items to send out daily and mistakes happen. They clearly are not able to cope at a busy time of year and I personally feel that it is disingenuous to accept orders you cant deal with. These are peoples Christmas Presents. I asked for the second item for a refund to be made.
27. As I again re iterated that I would be putting on line feed back on exactly what had happened. The afore mentioned lady became very personal. She said that if I did that she would also put details about me on the Internet telling people “Exactly the type of person I am”. How dare she 1. She does not me from Adam. 2. What a way in which to threaten a disgruntled customer. I know lets not try and sort out the situation lest just make excuse after excuse after excuse and attack anyone that pops their head above the parapet. BE WARNED IF YOU THINK ABOUT COMPLAINING.
28. As the final point on the call I asked for confirmation on my refund and when it would be processed. I was then told we will need to check our terms first before we do anything. Well HELLO we might not refund you your money as you are complaining about us.

It is fair to say that this experience has been really poor the worst aspect is how the issues have been dealt with. Everyone makes mistakes don’t keep making them to the same person and if you do make it better.
My advice to anyone considering using their mail order and internet service PLEASE USE ONE OF THE OTHER EQUSTRIAN SITES AS I HAVE ALWAYS HAD GREAT EXPERIECNES WITH THESE.

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