Auto compensation lies for 35 days with no connection

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Kaleigh1's review of The Utility Warehouse


“Auto compensation lies for 35 days with no connection ”

Written on: 13/04/2022 by Kaleigh1 (1 review written)

Utility warehouse

Sept/oct time family want some help ask me to do a training call and potentially sign up for a new supplier of my gas electric broadband landline number and mobile contract

On the 17th October 2021 i joined utility warehouse

‘As a guide, once we're able to
proceed with your application, it
typically takes 5 - 15 working days to
set up Home Phone and Broadband
services (depending on whether you
need a new phone line),’

Brilliant! I had a phone line already at the property therefore expecting a smooth simple transaction
The app changed a few days later saying i was going live on the 1st November !

1st november email sent no reply

2nd novemeber online chat 36 mins apologised and informed it will be on within 24 hours they can say its all live

4th november during the busiest time of my year with my business i first called them to say i still didnt have a working line i was still managing to bounce off talk talk for my connection
They arranged an appointment for a specialist team to come to the outside of the property and fix the issue within 5 days 34 minute call and online chat sanphi and rasheed were who i spoke to and the first time auto compensation was mentioned that i would be entitled too so far four days at £8.06 for my troubles also given extra compensation of £20 as way of an apology for the first few days of their service not being up to their standards

8th november after receiving text on the 7th to say engineer was due i had to call to find out why i still didnt have a wifi connection or phone line
21minute call they cant give me an answer try blaming it on talk talk and make out i need a whole new phone line which they tell me they will sort out as soon as possible i had to call back again to get my appointment on the 10th november 12 minute call

10th nov receive a call at 8am from the engineer who was in a different town at a different address completely and because it was wrong in the system they couldnt do anything and i couldnt have an appointment with them that day which is funny because my router and bills and sim card all made it to the correct address prior to this appointment
So i had to call again 47 minute call to be told the engineer and the address were infact wrong and they would send someone out again but this time to do the ‘simple swap of wires in the green box to make my wifi work! This was jodee the second person to promise auto compensation of £8.06 per day until i was connected he also added an additional £18.90 compensation for my wasted day for the engineer at this point i asked to have my cooling period used and everything cancelled i was assured to the auto compensation and told it was more worth me staying and waiting it out with the £8 per day than move again

15th November
I call again 31 minutes still no line still cant tell my why now saying they need to do a whole new line after speaking to talk talk whilst i was on hold and blaming them again promised in the next few days id get an appointment for an engineer id need to be home and take time out from work to see the engineer

19th november text to confirm installation of new line on the 23rd november between 1-6pm

22nd november reminder text of appointment tomorrow with changed times of 8-1 for engineer followed by another text for phone line installation between 1-6pm At this point ive had to make sure im home all day

23rd november the day is here finally illl have internet ! Or not… engineer does a new line tells me it will all be sorted and leaves few hours later still no wifi so i call them 1hr 18minutes cant tell me why but i cant be turned on straight away takes days takes time please wait for it to go live promised it will go live finally on the 1st december 2021 angela added £25 extra compensation as i yet again asked to leave and have all my account closed i was assured i would be looked after the auto compensation would surely make me feel better knowing i get £8 a day whilst they cant sort it i again let them get away with it

1st december busiest month of my year aswell mind you and 1 hr 53 minutes on the phone my telephone line went live ending 330 but nothing else! They raise a query and try to get my internet expedited i again ask to leave i am assured by auto compensation and told its not worth leaving this close to xmas when i m going to get this compensation next month as it will be in my end of dec bill

2nd december get a text to say they will send a request to attempt to expedite it like stated 24 hours previous! Also got an email to say their working on resolving my issue !

3rd december another text to say they have expedited it and an engineer will be there on the 6th december to activate my fibre another 3 more days

6th december we finally go live after 35 days of no connection !!!!

12th December email enquiry about my compensation received their automated email answer but never received an actual response

24th december am. Email received from them saying their sorry were leaving and my active lines etc would be cancelled!! Had to call on christmas eve and ensure this wasnt the case for them to tell me it was an error… i was furious to have to call at christmas when i wanted to spending time with family and friends i told the lady on the phone i would call back in jan as my december bill still hadn’t changed to include my automatic compensation and i refused to have money taken out my account for a line i didnt have in nov. At this point i informed her id be cancelling my direct debit and id call back in January to get what i was entitled too she completely agreed knowing they were in the wrong wished me merry Christmas and told to call back mid jan it would definitely all be sorted and reflected on my account by then.

24th jan 49 minutes online chat as i was working to chase my auto compensation as it still wasnt showing on my bill i was assured it would be sorted within 7 days

9th Feb i had to call back again as id now had jans bill which still didnt include my auto compensation! 1 hr 26min call went through 4 departments told them all the story top to bottom all agreed it should of all been sorted assured they had raised with the right department a complaint at my non added auto compensations and again palmed me off when i tried to there and then just cancel and leave and fold me it would all be worth it and they understand completely where i was coming from i was extra angry as they cut my wifi and mobile phone service off due to non payment yet every person i spoke to is telling me not to set up a direct debit until the compensation is added otherwise they will try taking the lot out of my bank wifi and mobile instantly reinstated with all the apologies under the sun promised it would be sorted within 7 days

19th feb called again 54 minutes still nothing been done no one could tell me why the compensation hadnt been added and why i was still getting letters threatening me so they put a hold in my account till the end of feb so they could sort it all out and my services wouldnt be affected until my compensation had been added

28th feb 1 hr 22mins phone call still had nothing change on my account still no compensation still getting letters been cut off again im instantly reinstated and apologised too im passed to the tech department who listen to my story and put another hold on my account for two weeks and say it will be sorted and someone will call me to confirm this in the next few days once credits were in place and account was sorted out

17th march ive been cut off again wifi and mobile so i call again my wifi is reinstated mobile im told takes 7 days (still waiting 13th april) now saying they cant do it even though they promised me profusely that they wouldn’t do this at this point i ask to be put through to the complaints department ive asked for this many times before but this time they do put me through and a complaint is opened ref.031120 told i will get a response within 2 working days as the weekend was due please allow 4-5 days

31st march had to be reinstated on my wifi again! Still no news on mobile now told they have had to go back to 3 mobile for the phone number and this could take 7 days 1 hr 59 min call spoke to two people and then asked to be put through to complaints after 49 mins holding for complaints to escalate my complaint i was cut off to no avail

1st april called them back again told i had a case manager called sabah best in the business dealing with my case please give her two working days to catch up and call you 1hr 8 min call i took their word and awaited the call

6th april still no call back 1hr 54mins on hold for complaints and i got hung up on at 3.30pm
Recalled at 4.38 another 1 hr 8 mins was then offered a call back why was this never a option before? 10 mins later they called back from complaints department 30 min call mostly in hold whilst he was trying to work out what was going on and why sabah hadnt responded at this point the case was escalated told id have a call from her within two days.
11th april still disgusted i havent had one response i told them they had 24 hours to get my case escalated and my 25 day old complaint seen to otherwise id blast it over social media and go to the ombudsman and trading standards gave them till noon on the 12th april 53minutes

12th april at 11.15 i finally on day 26 of my complaint and 6 months after opening my account i finally got my call back to which to my disgust the 33 minute call was entirely script read she wouldn’t talk to me like a human she didnt care about my hardships they issued their final stance of £100 which i declined they offered it anyway as a credit even if i went to the ombudsman so at that point i asked for a deadlock email as they are now retracting every promise made to me in recorded phone calls since november 1st please see pictures its an interesting read where they blame industry standards open reach talk talk my old suppliers (who interestingly i was told by a uw worker are their suppliers too?) and even training issues!

Bottom line:

- [ ] Should of gone live on the 1st november
- [ ] Was waiting 35 days for a connection
- [ ] Promised £8.06 per day for them 35 days for 6 months by every person i spoke to in every department i was passed around too
- [ ] Billed incorrectly for 3 months for two phone lines
- [ ] Billed for a line i didnt have in november
- [ ] Ignored and been made to feel like im invisible and as a customer i dont matter
- [ ] Spent 19 hours 45 mins on the phone where im calling you for your issues you should be calling me about
- [ ] Had an interrupted service for 4 months even though i was promised this wouldn’t happen
- [ ] Had my escalated complaint ignored for 26 days
- [ ] Extra wires in my home i still dont think i needed in the first place
- [ ] Threatening letters and bailiffs for funds you knew were being withheld since december 24th for my compensation that you all promised i was being given
- [ ] You say i owe £450.95 i make the correct number -all your errors and promises £176.89 ive included sabahs £100 because i think im well within my reasons to ask for the £346 in total compensations i was offered + £200 goodwill gesture for the last 6 months and for a multi million pound business what you offered was insulting sabah has therefore paid £100/£200 of that goodwill gesture meaning i owe you in total £76.89 which i paid today before sending my email to the ombudsman to the get the rest credited to my account and at that point as i have offered all along i will reinstate my direct debit

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