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Written on: 25/04/2021 by reneesheridan (1 review written)

I ordered a research paper from this website and uploaded my thesis, arguments, evidence, and example of past works, so it was an incredibly simple job. All I needed was for a writer to bring this all together and make it sound nice, for which I paid $280.

An HOUR before my assignment was due, I received a message saying that the writer had not started and needed an extension. I call support and tell them to refund me and cancel the order and they convince me that they will get rid of this writer, and hire an advanced top quality guy who will do an amazing job if I give them 24 more hours. I beg my prof for an extension 30 mins before the deadline, and he agrees but I will now receive a 10% penalty and absolutely no more time.

The next day, an hour before my assignment I receive my final product and it was unreadable. The writer clearly did not read the instructions of my assignment, the rough draft I attached, the sources I attached, any notes, literally anything! I needed a socio-political research paper for an upper-level English course and this person sent me a book report that was not even fit for a second-grade class. The person who wrote it had clearly written it in another language and then translated it to English it was literally so bad.

I obviously could not submit it, my prof already said I can't get another extension so I ended up getting a 0 on the assignment and failing the course. I thought 'okay so writer number one flaked on me and writer number two did an insufficient job after I was assured I would get an amazing paper so they must give me a refund'

For the last week and a half I have been in constant contact with their extremely unhelpful support staff who are all insisting I cannot receive a full refund.

In conclusion, I paid for an assignment, writer number one literally just didn't do it and waited an hour before it was due to tell me he hasn't started, the support staff me into extending by 24 hours just to match me up with writer number two who did not read my super detailed, extremely organized read instructions and submitted an unusable piece of writing, and the support staff and dispute team are not giving me my money back.

Only use this service if you enjoy failing classes, unskilled writers, assignment delays and cancellations, unhelpful support staff, and having your money thrown down the drain.

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