Incompetent, awful communication, unreliable, messy

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“Incompetent, awful communication, unreliable, messy”

Written on: 30/07/2020 by WoodToInspire (1 review written)

What went wrong:

The Salesman promised that two teams would work the job and that it would be completed in one day. It actually took five days and required me to take five days leave from work spread over a month.

The surveyor messed up the original measurements session and came to take measurements a second time returning on the Saturday un-announced to re-measure on the basis that the manufacturers could not understand the measurements he had first supplied.

Every window fitted (we had the whole house fitted bar one room) was supplied with the wrong requirements. For example, the colour of the windows was wrong; some windows had lead, others did not, bathroom windows were ordered with frosting but arrived without. The windows that arrived with lead had the wrong pattern assigned to them. Every window had to be replaced, some more than once.

The worst thing was, the fitter said to me at the end of day one “we did wonder why every window was different when we collected the frames from the yard”. Yet they ripped out the old windows rather than own up to there being a possible issue. You can forgive mistakes, but this is a trust issue.

The main bathroom window fitted was warped. Rather than replace it, Crystal tried to blame the surrounding wall tiles. Eventually on a third visit another fitter called through to the centre and admitted that although some of the tiles might have been out of line the window was warped and should be replaced. They replaced it.

Some of the windows that were supposed to open didn’t. They had been supplied by the manufacturers with locks that needed taking out and the catch trimming back. The fitters did not check to see if the windows opened and I had to spot these errors along with others such as the windows being loose in the frames. A downstairs window could be pulled out from outside on one corner. These issues were fixed during the five visits.

The issues I record in this feedback can be put down to them not allowing enough time for the job and wanting to get it done as quickly as possible. They need to communicate better with the customer and explain to them properly how long the process might take. When a company advises that a process will take one day and at the end of that day there are issues, then they have to accept that the customer will be stressed and anxious not knowing if the problems will be sorted. Neither should it be up to me to check for problems. I felt that if I hadn’t gone around to check every window, then possibly mistakes or works in progress would not have been completed. The fitters would ask me, what else needs sorting. Is it not their job to check and undertake this assurance?

At the end of the day no effort was made to clear up.

Windows were fitted with clear sealent on the outside through which you could visibly see expanding foam filler used to take up the larger gaps. Some of the expanding foam I had to brush off from main walls post completion of the job. Where is the common sense in that decision. I asked for the clear sealent to be replaced and they have gone over the top of it with brown.

Window ledges where they join with the wall have not been cut square and there are no straight lines or at right angles. I describe this badly, but the joins are not flush and they have tried to cover this up with sealent. Crystal will have noticed this when and if they even looked at the finish of the fitting. This visual problem remains and is testament to the lack of care that Crystal took fitting windows in my property.

When the fitters fit, rather than measure they hold a piece of trim up to the wall and cut where they think it looks right and fill any gaps.

Communication. When I emailed Crystal to complain after the first day of fitting, they did not respond to the points I had made or even acknowledge the email. I called and asked if they had my email, which they confirmed but at no point did they confirm with a formal email response.

I booked an appointment to have gaps filled (I was getting drafts in winter on four windows) and was told they would come on the Friday. I called on the Thursday to confirm the appointment. There was no record of it. I was promised a Saturday appointment so I did not have to take time off of work. Again this appointment was not logged in any schedule. Eventually I was given a morning appointment and asked over the phone for this to be confirmed in email. It was. The fitter arrived at after 6pm for this so called morning appointment. If I had not chased twice that afternoon to enquire where he was they would likely not have turned up at all! That would have been another day of work lost. As it was I had to cancel afternoon appointments. When I called and spoke with someone, they were not even aware that the appointment with me had not been kept. I have billed Crystal for the afternoon I lost waiting for them to attend this appointment. I would have not done this had they bothered to keep me informed, but they did not, not even after my first phone call to them chasing up the appointment. In response to my invoice, Crystal after five months have finally responded to say “we do try to keep appointments with our customers at the times stated but occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control it may not always be possible to do so”. If this is the case the least they could have done is track issues and made an effort to keep me informed, but they did not care enough to do so. Their apology is as meaningless as the paper it is printed on.

Such a shame.

After the original fitting In terms of compensation I was first offered a few hundred pounds and told “Sir, we have to make a profit”. Do they not think that they might make a profit if they fitted the right windows in the first place!!!

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