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Asked by Relativity2016 on 1st July 2016 Report this content
I had Crystal Windows install new Windows yet after just 2 months I have some kind of plant growth come straight through the sealant/silicon finish. It is impossible for this to have been a new growth from the ground as it would not have been able to grow so far so quick. It is a growth from under the opening the new window was installed. Therefore it had no kind of treatment or protection put in place to prevent any existing or future growth it must have been fitted straight onto it without due care. My partner telephone and said of the problem yet was told it's not Crystal Winfows problem they don't deal with such. Surely after such a short time the installation of this window having this kind of problem is the liability of Crystal Winfows. I would appreciate if someone could advise me as to how to resolve this problem or do I just need to issue legal proceedings.

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Answers (4)
Report this content johnoakhurst Written on: 04/07/2016
Got an email from Review asking me to comment. I am certainly not defending the company but am struggling to reconcile the problem as being a fault with either the product or the installation. We had quite a bit of work carried out by them over a 2 or 3 year period, a fault occurred with some of the flashings coming away in some of the conservatory windows and when we contacted them they carried out the remedial work without question. If you really believe Crystal are to blame can only suggest you write an official letter of complaint or contact the trade body who they are members of. Regards
Report this content LSCinders Written on: 04/07/2016
Crystal has been used by my family for almost 10 years now on various houses and offices. Never had any major problems and last year I had new windows and door installed in my new house and had a couple of problems which Crystal came and fixed without question quite quickly. Surely they cannot be responsible for plants in your garden. Would you expect them to weed kill a plant under the window before they fit a new one just in case something grew???? I don't think its Crystal's problem at all , why did you allow the plant to grow through the silicon finish? If the plant didn't grow from the ground are you saying it grew out of the brickwork? If so I think a bit of maintenance on your part is well overdue and don't go blaming other people for your failings!
Report this content Maxadolf Written on: 04/07/2016
It's likely that Crystal sub-contracted the installation. I also had a problem with my windows and reported it to Crystal. They were excellent and sent someone around to rectify it. The problem was poor cement fixture which was scraped out and replaced without any subsequent issue. Much impressed by Crystal's acceptance of their obligation. Regarding your own problem just remember that your contract is with Crystal, not theirsub-contractor. It often helps if you are having an ignorant response to demand to speak to their MD. That kind of hierarchical approach works wonders!
Report this content Chestnut15 Written on: 04/07/2016
Nobody, expert or not can answer your question without examining the problem first hand. I cannot see that it could be the window at fault unless Jack and the beanstalk came along and planted a magic bean in the frame. My serious suggestion is to ask Crystal Windows to visit and examine the problem, it is possible that the silicone sealant is faulty and needs replacing, however you cannot blame them for your plant growth which presumably is outside the building. Just say you would like their advice without trying to blame them.. As others have said they are a very good and reasonable company, I have had three contracts with them over the years and would never go elsewhere.
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