TERRIBLE Royvon dog training.

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BOYCEEE's review of Royvon Boarding & Dog Training Kennels, Surrey, England


“TERRIBLE Royvon dog training. ”

Written on: 01/08/2018 by BOYCEEE (2 reviews written)

Our dog was enrolled on a 3 week behavioural modification programme to help him become more relaxed and deal with noisy busy traffic, crowds of people and bicycles.
We were advised that his training would start within 2/3 days as this would also help him to settle and bond with trainers, that he would be taken offsite to experience the areas that made him stressed/anxious.
We were mislead from the start as he was not taken out of the compound for the first 2 weeks, this was due they said because he was still bonding with the trainers.
He was finally taken offsite on a couple occasions to a very small village with very little traffic and 2/3 people walking along, and not the busy environments we were assured he would experience.
BUT these offsite visits only happened after we raised our concerns and complained.
When we went for the 2 hour handover which was supposed to include showing us how to handle him in in the areas that stressed him out we were taken to the same small village which consisted of 4 people and lots of parked cars and very little moving traffic, and this only lasted for approximately 3o minutes.
After assessing our dog for a week it was very clear he had not had any real training and his ability to deal with his problem areas and stress had not changed.
I complained about the results of the 3 weeks but was met with stories and disingenuous response`s which was mainly from the operations manager and the chief executive of Royvon who seem to have a script that they both stick to and just continue to repeat the same mantra when ever i asked them to provide a detailed response to my questions.

Because of the chief executives negative and dismissive replies we had our dog assessed by a different fully qualified trainer who had bonded with him within a couple of hours and actually started working with him, by the end of the day after 3x 30 minute sessions our dog was walking by and with bicycles without showing any stress or anxiety.
I informed Royvon Chief executive of our experience with new trainer but they were dismissive and would still not provide any detailed answers to my questions, but continued to quote me the same mantra every time, that we should complete the two follow up sessions which consisted of 2 hours per month for 2 months.
However due to the extremely poor results we had experienced I asked them to provide details of what the 2 hours would consists of but they would NOT.
I have been in contact with other customers of ROYVON DOG TRAINING who had very similar experiences and some where there pets were returned quite
ILL, and also received very dismissive responses to there concerns and worries about there pets.
They do not care about the welfare of the dogs that stay with them and the so called training they provide is very poor if not non existent.

For your pets and your benefit please look in depth at the various review sites as the poor ones always seem to be way down the lists.


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Boyceee's Response to BOYCEEE's Review

Written on: 12/08/2018

I have not reviewed Surrey.
This review should refer to Royvon Coventry NOT Surrey.

Royvon Coventry and Royvon chief executive are a DISGRACE.


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Loobieloo46's Response to BOYCEEE's Review

Written on: 13/08/2018

I agree totally just had an awful experience with Coventry - they are not even bothering to reply to me as I have asked for a refund on the training. Have you been in contact with other people who have had a bad experience I am considering going to trading standards? Many thanks.

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Boyceee's reply to Loobieloo46's Comment

Written on: 13/08/2018

I have endeavoured too but although people said they were prepared to support me after the initial contact there was no follow up from them.
I even supplied my telephone number to one who said they would contact me after there holidays and although I emailed them again I still had no response.
I would be quite happy to call you and try to help but I am fairly new to these sites and reluctant to put my email or number on them.
Is there anyway to send a private message on this site?, if yes send me your email or telephone number and I will contact you.
Kind Regards.

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Boyceee's reply to Loobieloo46's Comment

Written on: 19/10/2018

Been a while I know but just wondered if you have had any response from Royvon Chief executive who we found to be rude and abrupt in his replies and would not take on board any of our worries or concerns.
For although at one point I was offered a negligible amount of compensation the chief executive even reneged on this.

Or if you followed through with trading standards and if they proved to be of any help in bringing this disingenuous company and its dodgy boss to book.


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