SKY Engineer cancelations excuses

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“SKY Engineer cancelations excuses”

Written on: 07/08/2013

Sky tv engineer called at 5pm the night before the arranged appointment ,this suited me as it freed me up for my day off .the engineer brought his tools ,drill and my new sky box into my home then had a quick look around .he wanted me to leave my 15 year old dish up (approx age ) and use the single core coax cable to connect my new box up , when I insisted I wanted to use the record facility he said " everything was repeated and I didn't need record " I told him when it rained I lost signal and my dish was the first of the digi boxes fitted .i stood my ground and wanted new equipment as stated by Sky sales team .he came back into my home and said " he would need to drill through the window frame and clip the cable around the skirting ".i wanted the cable drilled through the wall like all the other cables ,BT included.He phoned his boss and told him it was impossible and would need to cancel on grounds of health and safety ,I spoke to his boss and told him I would drill the hole ,to which he agreed ,but the engineer refused .being an electrician with over 36 years experience of running cables of all natures and in a wide variety of locations , I had pre fitted the twin coax for sky apart from the last 7 metres of the house ,drilling through the window would have made this cable to short ,so I asked the engineer to install the cable his way but using his cable and informed his boss that I expected the ladders being used to do this to be permanently attached to the house top and bottom ,which would have required at least 40 rawl bolts to be fitted .the engineer the tried to spin my tv around breaking the back of the stand and then broke the curtain rail .i then asked him to leave my home without breaking anything else .he starting making all sorts of jestures and when I mentioned I did not want the engineer from Bam----h back he said "that was a threat and he was phoning the police" ,still waiting .sky have backed this guy up and are refusing to carry out any installation work for us ,they cancelled my broadband with AOL and my partners telephone account with BT even though they have not spoken to here about it .

I have asked sky to inspect my home to see if the wall can be drilled , which it can
I have asked sky to speak to an independent witness ,regarding the engineers conduct
I have asked sky to supply a box and I will connect it up ,as the cable is now in ,through the wall that the engineer could not drill.
a neighbour ,had the same engineer install multi room HD ,he refused to install a new cable and twisted the wires together and wrapped them with tape ,he also refused to reclip the neighbours cable which is lying on the ground .
All these offers have been declined .

I beleive ,that at 5 o'clock the engineer did not want this job as it would have taken at last 5 to 8 hours to have installed correctly , I also beleive that because of my awareness of H/S via the electricity supply industry sky did not want this job ,I also beleive that because I was getting the full package with broadband and the unauthorised telephone for £45 and a email confirming that I was entitled to a Samsung galaxy for £49 and £100 worth of M&S vouchers .

I am currently considering reporting this to the regulator and the H/S executive as we feel as a couple our home and we have been violated by Sly tv and refused to be bullied or ignored by big brother .

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Slytv's Comment

Written on: 07/08/2013

Sounds about right !

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