Finally losing weight thanks to Nutracheck

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“Finally losing weight thanks to Nutracheck”

Written on: 06/02/2021 by Stevie_McC (1 review written)

Since starting to use Nutracheck, I have lost 5kg in 7 weeks, and it played a significant part in achieving that. And that was over the Christmas period too, and yes I did eat my fill of festive food! I started at 78kg and am now 73kg.

I've been trying to lose weight for a few years now by doing regular exercise, which I've found difficult being in my late 40's. I did get fitter, but not slimmer. I finally appreciate what I've been doing wrong all this time: you can't out-train a bad diet. The truth is, whilst exercise can help you to burn extra calories, it's very easy to eat these back and then some. Ever rewarded yourself for doing lots of exercise, and used the exercise as justification? I certainly have. My average exercise routine earned the equivalent of the chocolate bar, not a takeaway meal! I didn't know that before using Nutracheck.

Nutracheck's laser focus on what you eat makes it easy to use and understand whether you are in a calorie deficit or not. Simply, if you're not in deficit, you won't lose any weight. I've used other tracking packages in the past, but this one feels clearer, and I like the pictures of the food, as sometimes seeing the packaging helps to recognise the product you want to add. Also, for the first time, I've paid more attention to how much sugar and salt I eat, and the fact that I'm not eating enough fibre and fat. It does all this for you automatically, so you can't help looking at it even if that wasn't your original goal.

Like other calorie trackers, you feed it a bunch of information about yourself, what you want to weigh and how quickly you want to get there, and it sets you a daily target of how many calories you should eat to obtain this weight loss trajectory. I set it on the lowest loss rate, 0.22kg per week, as I wanted more calories to eat - I don't like feeling hungry. But I've lost over 0.5kg per week, so everyone is different and it is just a guide. It's important to realise that it's okay to exceed your target some days. This is inevitable, everyone needs a blow out from time to time. Continuing to track your food helps you make this an exception rather than deciding to fall off the waggon completely.

Most important part I've found is to log the exercise you do, as exercising burns more calories that may put you under your target, and eating too little will actually make you put on weight. Set a goal and then eat your exercise calories - what's the point of making a plan if you're not going to stick with it?!? I do more exercise if I'm hungry as that gives me more calories to eat, whilst remaining on target.

Bottom line: Nutracheck helps you to understand if you are in a calorie deficit vital to losing weight.

Daily calorie target + extra calories burnt = Number of calories you can eat to reach your goal.

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