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“Terrible site”


written by MarkusFreeman18 on 18/05/2023

I urge all not to register onto this site, it is a sham. I paid £29.99 Uploaded a photo and had zero responses to messages I sent. Only 5 reach out messages are allowed a day for premium membership. DO NOT REGISTER IT IS A SHAM.

Eugene43's Comment

Written on: 25/11/2023

Very good site

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“Absolute sham”


written by Douglasso55 on 13/03/2023

Expensive !!! Fake women working to a formula/script. Should have realised this when I notice that all the pics were taken by a second person. When you try to get them to contact you direct or try to arrange a meet YOU GET THE SAME RESPONSE EXACTLY. Avoid at all costs. I WOULD GIVE THIS SITE ZERO STARS IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE.

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“It is too good to be true - and it is not . all fake...”


written by 49Clayton on 29/12/2022

It is too good to be true - and it is not . all fake accounts , obvious mixing of time zones ( New Zealand ), cannot answer any question that any local would know. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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“No genuine people looking for meetings!”


written by McQueen42 on 15/04/2022

Wish I'd read the reviews on here before I got suckered into joining this site! As soon as I signed up, I had to buy credits to message someone then I got loads of messages from many different girls wanting to chat even though my profile picture hadn't been approved. Basically, they are just Agents of the site getting you to burn through your credits with inane questions or false promises of an early meeting. Before I knew it - I'd burned through £160!! DO NOT GO NEAR THIS SITE - You have been warned!

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“Don't even bother with this site,a complete sham using...”


written by YoselinTemple319 on 20/02/2022

Don't even bother with this site,a complete sham using fake pictures for their profiles.When messaging their only purpose is to get you to buy credits.Your messages are replied with inane answers and any questions you ask are not answered but avoided.10 credits a message quickly goes and your no further forward.Avoid like the plague.

Tarlmeister's Comment

Written on: 15/04/2022

Really wish I'd read your review before trying Friends with Benefits - I totall agree with you - having just been "ripped off by their agents posing as girls on the site!

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“I'd say that FWB is probably above average, there's...”


written by Kaizer45 on 17/01/2022

I'd say that FWB is probably above average, there's definitely worse out there and it has the most important thing - a bunch of women. Id say it's not got as many as (in my area certainly) but still has enough to keep you busy. There are occasional time wasters but overall i like this site a lot and will be taking a longer subscription when my month trial runs out. Happy days.

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“There are better options like ”


written by MacMillan269 on 15/01/2022

Use Friendwithbenefits only if you have more money than brains. It’s scammy af! “Women” are online 24/7, wanting to message you days and nights lol Apply your common sense, it’s impossible! What worked for me before the lockdown was - that was a good service, mostly suitable for a hook up rather than long-term relationship, although you never know until you try. I wanted hook ups and they always helped. I set out with high hope for FriendsWithBenefits which was silly of me. I was just reeled in via false ads. Well, it didn’t take long to figure out their underhanded scheme of work. I left it. Still, $250 went down the drain.

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“Usual problems”


written by Hensley1957 on 26/11/2021

I've read through some of the other reviews and they seem to relate to a different business model. I am aware of sites which work as described, but i have paid for a membership and I'm not charged per message. I joined this site partly because i recognised one of the local women having met her through BeNaughty a few years ago (Although she apparently doesn't remember me), so i knew there were real women on the site. The site has the usual problems. There seem to be a lot of inactive profiles and you get a lot of what read like generic "broadcast" messages which, if you respond to them, don't lead anywhere (indeed, I don't think any message I've sent in response has got a response back). I get 4 to 5 such messages a day, which is at least better than the dozens I got on BeNaughty before I lefy but is still irritating. If you use the website you can see when someone was last on, which would be useful on the app too. I've had conversations with three local women and another with a girl who turned out to want a 'serious relationship', lol. No luck with actual meets though.

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“Despicable site stay away!!!! ”


written by Dianav223 on 12/06/2021

Be warned like other people who have posted reviews on this site I am here as someone who has first hand experience at just how fake it is. The very beautiful women who have posted so called profiles on the website are very enticing and within minute's of signing up you are inundated with them sending you mostly winks and invites to contact them. I decided on one and stuck with her. She seemed honest enough but I became suspicious at her grammar in her replies. I offered her my email and number but as with other reviews on here she refused both and wanted to remain in contact on the site only. That's the lure just keep buying those credits and stay on site. I then decided to also do a reverse image search and would you believe it she was also on Be Naughty and various adult forums in Italy and Bulgaria. I asked her if she could share a private image with me happy to oblige she did so and again it appears on other sites also. I even changed my profile pictures with free stock images and when I told her if she liked them she replied how handsome I was. On my last few credits I finally asked her to politely send me an image of just her face as she was at that moment. She went mad at that suggestion and never obliged. Many years ago I joined a site just like this one after a long relationship had ended I just wanted to have some fun with like minded women. It was a great success and I found many wonderful women this is not that site. Stay well away.

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“Absolute disgrace”


written by Uriahm370 on 01/03/2021

Having paid for credits it works out at 1.20£ if you buy an expensive bundle To my horror i found women pay 29.99six months 49 99 a year full membership the cost of 40 messages for a man is 49.99 so icontacted the site response=our pricing policy. The worst 3 cases were being threatened by a woman who said she was going to report me just so id reply and yes you've guessed had to pay for more credits 2nd written abuse i reported the lady in question and YES she is still on the site 3rd A woman claiming to be a new member so as a silhouette with private pics i looked and yes you guessed been here for 18 months all men should avoid this site and its a shame someone in authority can't take them down Final straw is the date guarantee when you buy credits its designed never to be paid.

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“£50.00 lighter I have realised pretty quickly that...”


written by Grahamzj496 on 01/11/2020

£50.00 lighter I have realised pretty quickly that none of the girls are real. Oddly enough they write back immediately at 3 am in the morning, then the same girl is still on line at 3pm? But has forgotten to read the previous message and asks your name again. Obviously a different person. Ask them a question about the lockdown or what tier they are in? They haven't got a clue. You could be writing in Swahili they aren't even in the UK and talk about vague rubbish like going to the zoo. If you ask someone who is supposedly in Banbury how difficult it will be to meet in the next month due to lockdown they totally avoid the subject simply because they are probably some where in the Ukraine. This site makes a fool out of idiots like us who think it is legitimate. DO NOT USE!

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“Dreadful Serious Warning ”


written by SalsaCol on 29/10/2020

Hi to all !! I’m a 56 year old Professional guy and respectful but by no means a pushover. I joined the site a few weeks ago and there was a lot didn’t ring true. I was immediately inundated with messages from beautiful women but having a ‘ self learned craft with dating sites I realised very quickly the photos are of Eastern European women in their home settings and the time frames are different ie getting messages very early in the morning ! Total Sham but luckily never paid the site a penny although I was tempted too. Keep the honest feedback coming as it helped me to decide and will help others. The site should be investigated and closed !! And the owners prosecuted!! Stay away from this site and put your money into a legitimate Dating Site.

Kennethbaker's Response to SalsaCol's Review

Written on: 31/10/2020

In addition I think there are the plants, the supposed women who apparently want sex but don't exist, they're just a photo. As you say, should be shut down. Licence to print money

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“All fake”


written by AbdielGibbs482 on 12/10/2020

Thanks to those who submitted previous reviews. I was about to sign up, after reading the reviews I did reverse image lookups on women with pictures. From 20 picture there was only one that I could not find on a adult website. Hence completely fake.

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“Click bait”


written by LeoGonzalez219 on 26/07/2020

The girls and women on this site are associates or affiliates who are intent on keeping you 'chatting'. Each message you send costs over £1 and the 'young' ladies are doing nicely from the commission they receive from the site. Stay well away.

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“Stay well clear of this site. Not one of these girls...”


written by LizethDixon on 12/07/2020

Stay well clear of this site. Not one of these girls are real. I know as I've tried it and although the so called girls message you as soon as you send number or ask for theirs it's always the same. They just want to talk on the chat page and each message is over a £1. I've given 8 my number now but not 1 of them has rang or text. Also I've not seen any new profiles in over 6 months since I joined. Always shows you same ones. Pkease guys stay away or hist look at the photos as most are naked and some are worth a look but again don't spend any money on the site, you will regret it.

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“This website is full of barely believable back...”


written by Kenneth396 on 30/06/2020

This website is full of barely believable back stories. Even without a face picture, I was inundated with offers from young girls to older women looking for fun. I was flattered at first and engaged in protracted dialogue over their website with a handful of women. Although I seemed to be connecting with these ‘ladies’ not one of them was willing to exchange numbers or even emails. They all wanted to continue chatting over the website which struck me as odd given that it was costing a £1 a message. I soon got wise to it though but not before I’d parted with more money than I care to mention. I did a reverse look up on some of the profile pictures and found some had been taken from Dutch, German and Italian sites. I feel a bit stupid but luckily I didn’t get too badly hurt financially or otherwise. My advice is steer clear and spend your money elsewhere.

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“How can they get away with it”


written by on 12/06/2020

I agree with all of the other bad reviews here, nothing else to say really.except something should be done about them. I contacted the authorities and they said contact citizens Advice Bureau,they wanted to put me in touch with a solicitor , and charged me £5, then £10 just to ask a solicitor a question.

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“Fake profiles ”


written by Lizbethb480 on 02/06/2020

All fake profiles, just wanting you to spend credits

Chertsey14's Comment

Written on: 10/09/2020

Hi,can you give me more information on this.

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“Finally got wise £60 lighter”


written by 1983Mendoza on 04/05/2020

This site makes money from mugs like us who think the girls are genuine so subscribe to tokens which rapidly run out when texting them? Turns out the girls in contact are fake and have no intention to meet you but drop you messages to keep you buying more tokens, avoid at all costs

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“register and get bombarded with interested...”


written by LeonelLeblanc76 on 28/04/2020

register and get bombarded with interested people....finally bit the bullet and bought credits....£30.....credits = 10 per message reply....soon run out and so do the "interested " people...geared towards quick fire reply type the credits evaporate....then get new messages from different coax you into buying more your money....

Chertsey14's Comment

Written on: 11/08/2020

Is the website based in Scotland

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Asked by Rocketship on 6th June 2021 Report this content
Hi , I’m in Perth, Western Australia and I’ve been on FWB for about 6 months now and what I can’t understand is that how come the ladies I’ve chatted to have given me a seemingly true location of where they live in Perth and where they work and what they do etc?  One particular young lady that I have become very fond of seems totally legit and localish to me, we have been chatting for quite some time and we really have interacted in a way that you just couldn’t imagine was anything other than genuine, she knows the area as well, I would be extremely surprised as well as horrified of course if she wasn’t legit and if this woman isn’t legit considering how and what we’ve talked about then there really is no hope for us regarding finding ANY legit sites trust me, any comments/opinions/help on this would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Asked by Chertsey14 on 31st July 2020 Report this content
Is this company Based in Scotland, as affiliated companies around the world with the same name? Uses The perfect match Ltd company in Bulgaria to do its marketing.

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