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1. Comments guidelines

  1. Please check your spellings.
  2. Do not use all upper-case letters.
  3. Do not use offensive or obscene language.
  4. Do not criticise other reviewers or their reviews.
  5. aims to provide unbiased reviews from the public, for the public. We reserve the right to publish information concerning contraventions of this rule.
  6. Any material considered inappropriate or offensive will be removed or amended.

2. What happens when I comment on a review?

Adding a comment is really useful for our members. You can use them to ask a reviewer for further information, to add extra information to your own review or just to show your appreciation for the review. 

When you add a comment an email is automatically sent to the reviewer (and any other people who have added comments) telling them you have commented.

The user can then visit the review and check your comment.

Please note: It is the user's choice whether or not to respond.

You will not be contacted by email for any other purpose unless you check the opt-in boxes.

3. How do I add a comment to a review?

  • Login to Review Centre or create a new account by registering your details
  • Business members will need to create a username that represents their company name
  • Click on the Comment on this Review button under the review or comment you want to reply to
  • Please remember not to add personal details such as names, phone numbers or email addresses in your comment. They will be removed
  • Once you are happy that your comment is correct, click the Submit Comment button to add it to Review Centre
  • Your comment will then go through a technical check by us and will be added to the site

4. How Do I Change or Remove My Comment?

If you change your mind about your comment then please email us at contactus @ to let us know what changes you want to make or if you simply want it removed. 

Remember to quote the review ID or URL and the email address you entered when creating the comment.

Please note: Review Centre reserves the right not to change/delete comments where this information is not supplied.