Registration Help

  • 1 Why do I need to register?

    Registration enables you to add reviews, comments, posts and to view all of these from your own control panel area. Viewing the reviews, comments and posts on Review Centre is free and does not require any registration.

  • 2 How do I register?

    Follow the Login/Register link to our registration page where you can register your details.

  • 3 How do I activate my account?

    When you register, an email will be sent automatically to the email address you have registered. When you click on the link contained within this email, your account will be activated. This ensures that any notification emails will be sent to the correct email address and enables you to make further posts, reviews and comments.

  • 4 I've deleted my activation email before activating my account.

    To request another activation email, log into your Review Centre Homepage and click the request activation email link.

    Please note: This is only present prior to activation.

  • 5 User Name Guidelines.

    Your user name is displayed to other users with each post, review or comment that you make on Review Centre. It cannot be changed once assigned. Whilst we want to enable users to have as much choice as possible when selecting a user name, there are certain guidelines that we use to ensure that the choice of user names does not cause offence or mislead other users. For example user names that contain swear words or other content which may offend other users will not be permitted.

    User names which include reference to a company name or purporting to represent a company, organisation or website which may lead other users to believe that the user is in some way representing that group will also not be permitted. Companies which do wish to make official posts on Review Centre should write to Review Centre prior to registering a user name so that Review Centre can verify that the user name is sanctioned by the company.

  • 6 How do I change my user details?

    You can update any of your details except for your user name which cannot be altered once registered. To edit your details, log in to your Review Centre Homepage and enter the new information. Press submit and your account will be updated.