Reviews Help

1. Reviews guidelines

  1. Please check your spellings.
  2. Do not use all upper-case letters.
  3. Do not use offensive or obscene language.
  4. Do not criticize other reviewers or their reviews.
  5. Do not create Topics or Categories on the following subjects:
    • Politics
    • Sex or Pornography
    • Religion
  6. Do not review a product or service that promotes you or your employer's business or hinders your competitor's business. Please be aware that falsely posing as a consumer is an offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations and something we cannot condone.
  7. aims to provide unbiased reviews from the public, for the public. We reserve the right to publish information concerning contraventions of this rule.
  8. Any material considered inappropriate or offensive will be removed or amended.
  9. Please be aware that all content on should be unique. We would prefer if you are posting a review that you have previously posted on another website that you re-write/edit it first. Review Centre reserves the right to remove duplicated reviews.
  10. You should not identify specific individuals by name unless you have their expressed permission to do so. Review Centre reserves the right to remove names and personal details or information from reviews.

2. Incentivising Reviews

Here at Review Centre we don't pay our members to write reviews. They share their opinions and experiences for free, to help other people because they feel that knowledge is power.

We do not prohibit companies from incentivising their customers to write reviews, provided (and we could not emphasise this more) that the incentive is offered to all customers, regardless of the type of review written.

If we find that a company is only offering incentives for positive reviews, or only offering incentives to particular customers, we reserve the right to remove any content we deem suspicious or inappropriate.

3. How do I write a review?

If the product you want to review is already on Review Centre then it couldn't be easier!

You can find the product or service either by typing it in to our search box, or by selecting the relevant category and searching through the items there.

  • Find the correct item
  • Click on the purple button that says 'write a review'
  • Write your review
  • Only the boxes marked with * are mandatory however filling in the other details helps us to ensure we are giving our users the best site features.
  • Click Submit
If you are not already logged in you can do so here. If you're not already a member than you can sign up, all we need is a few details including a username (that is shown on the site) and your email address. You can also opt in to receive our newsletter here too.

If you see a message telling you your review is being moderated don't panic. It simply means that it has been held by our system so we can take a quick look. If everything is OK then we will approve it and your review will go live within 48 working hours.

Can't find the item you want to review?

You can add the item to the site when you write your review.

All you need to do is select the most appropriate category. So let's say for instance that you want to review your new laptop but you can't find it on the site:

  • Click the purple Write a Review tab and then select the most appropriate channel so for a laptop you would select Electronics. 
  • Next you need to select the category, laptops sit under our computers category so click that next. 
  • You will then see more categories to choose from. Simply keep selecting the most appropriate category until you are happy.
  • Then add the item name and click Add Item.
  • You can then write your review as normal.

Tip: if you can't find the exact category, try using the search box to find a similar product and add your product to the same category. 

Don't think you can find the best category for your item?

If you think that we don't currently offer a category where your item would fit then please email us at contactus @ and we can see if we can find a suitable home for it.

Not sure if you've placed your review in the right place?

Don't worry. All new items on our site are checked out by our team - so if there is a more appropriate place for your item we will move it. 

4. How Do I Change or Remove My Review?

If you change your mind about your review you can edit or remove it. Please email us at contactus @ to send details of the changes you want to make or just to ask us to take it down. 

Remember to quote the review ID or URL plus the email address you entered when creating the review.

Please note: Review Centre reserves the right not to change/delete reviews where this information is not supplied. 

5. What do you do with my review?

We love receiving your reviews. Once written your review is subject to a string of technical checks before it appears on - we just check that it complies with our guidelines, and then we publish it.

For further help or advice check our help pages or get in touch by emailing the team at contactus @