Why should you comment on a review?

Adding a comment to a review or even just responding to another comment can be very helpful to our members. It allows our members to get feedback on their review and also to know that there are other people in the same situation.

So when should you use our comment feature?

 We've put together this guide to help you along with our top tips for commenting.

I want to update my review

At Review Centre we only let our members write one review for a company or product. We feel that this stops anyone from distorting the star rating by adding lots of positive or negative reviews. So what happens if you want to update everyone on how your experience is going?

Simple, if you go and look at your review on the site, click the Comment on this Review button and add your comment. We will take a look at the comment and then approve it.

Of course if you want to totally rewrite your original review then please get in touch with us at contactus @ reviewcentre.com.

I want to respond to the reviewer

You might be reading a review and it hits you that they've had the same experience you have or might have some information to help you out. Add a comment!

You can ask a question to that reviewer or even tell them you disagree. All we ask is that you make sure you don’t break our comment guidelines.

I want to help the reviewer

It’s great if you want to help out a member or have information to share. Adding your comment can really assist someone to solve their problem.

Please check out our comments guidelines in our help pages if you need further information but here are our top tips when adding a comment.

1. Please be civil to each other

You may not agree but remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and these won’t always match yours so when you add your comment state your side but try not to accuse anyone of lying. Just telling your opinion can help give our readers both sides of the story and let them decide for themselves.

2. Don’t get personal

You might think that adding a staff members name or that someone’s address will help others and is worth sharing, just keep in mind that everyone can have an off day. We will remove any personal details that can identify a member.

3. Go into detail

If a company has managed to help you and you want to let our members know that your original complaint has now been fixed tell us what they did to help you. Or if a product that was working brilliantly now has a large amount of problems, let us know what is up.

4. Be constructive

If you think a reviewer hasn't given enough information or could have done a better job in writing their review you can comment and let them know how they can improve their review writing in the future.

If you ever want to change or remove any of your comments simply get in touch with us via email contactus @ reviewcentre.com using the email address you left the comment under.