Tips on how to write a great review

OK so you may not be the next DH Lawrence or JK Rowling but that doesn't mean that your review can’t really help other members. Sometimes the best reviews are the ones that tell it like it is.

Here are our tips on what to avoid when you write a review and what to include:

The One Liner

You've bought an amazing product, you really like it so have written a review saying just that. Don’t just stop at telling us that you like it. Think about why you do. What would you tell your friends?

Is it because it is cheap? Does it have some great features or make your life better and easier? If so tell us. Likewise, if there is something that niggles you about it share your thoughts.

Caps Lock

This can happen to the best of us. We start writing only to discover the caps lock is on and everything we have just typed looks like we’re shouting which is, well a little rude. Fine in small doses (for example to highlight something) but when the full review is in caps lock it is JUST OVERKILL. So please, before you start writing your review please check your keyboard.

Personal Details

Whenever you write a review on the site remember that it can be seen by anyone. If it is found in Google and your review contains your home telephone number, email address plus full name anyone can simply come and visit, phone or email you.

If we spot these kinds of details we will remove them. The same can be said of naming staff you have dealt with in a review. We know they don’t always give you the best customer service but give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to remain anonymous. After all, we all have off days.

What would your mother say?

''They don’t give a ****''

We all get angry at times and sometimes writing a review about a bad experience can actually help vent your frustration but please, remember that our site can be viewed by all, and not everyone wants to see expletives in your review.

Again, if we spot any we will remove or cleverly reword them to something less offensive (we prefer the word “fig” anyway...).

Keeping it real

The reviews that are most highly rated by our members generally are full of information and facts. It’s absolutely fine to add your own opinion of the company or product just so long as you’re not telling porkies.

Making up crazy stories that you think might happen isn't helpful to other members and can land you in trouble with the company you have reviewed so to put it simply, make sure you write about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

So what should you keep in mind when writing a review?

1. Tell us what you really liked

Think about how you were treated as a customer. Was the customer service good?  Did the staff follow up with a phone call or email to see how you were getting on? If you bought online how easy to use was the website?

2. Was there anything you would change?

If you could make any changes to your experience what would you change? Could the site be faster to load? Perhaps different store opening hours would suit you better. Could they have had more staff available? Could their terms and conditions be clearer?

3. Why would you recommend to a friend?

Think about why you would recommend this certain site or company over another. Is it because the company provides a good value service? Perhaps their customer service really stands out above the competition? If it’s a film for example would it be perfect for some people and not for others?

If, once you've added your review to the site, you have decided that you want to edit it in any way please just get in touch with us. Email us what you would like to change (using the email address you wrote the review with) to contactus [at] .