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Review Centre is the UK's largest customer review website and covers a variety of areas such as Finance, Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle products and Electrical goods. We do not sell any products or services ourselves and have no connection to companies that do so.

All reviews on Review Centre have been written by real customers wanting to share their advice with other consumers. Please note we do not write reviews for companies.

Got a question? Please check our most popular queried answers first:

1. How Do I Write a New Review?

You can find the product or service either by typing it in to our search box, or by selecting the relevant category and searching through the items there. Once you find the correct item, click on the button that says 'write a review' or ‘Write your own review’.

If you cannot find the item you wish to review, no problem!

All you need to do is click on the purple ‘Write a review’ tab that is found on every page on the left hand side. Do a quick search first to make sure the item doesn’t exist. If you cannot find it then click on the purple ‘Add a new item’ button.

Select where your item should sit, so for example if you’re reviewing a BBQ:

> Select Home & Garden
> Then select Garden Living
> Then select BBQ

Add the name of the item you want to review into the box at the bottom.

Tip: if you can't find the exact category, try using the search box to find a similar product and add your product to the same category.

Not sure where your review belongs?

Don’t worry if you think you have chosen the wrong category, we take a look at every new item so can move it if it’s in the wrong place.

2. Where Do I Reset My Password?

Simply enter your email or username here and we'll reset your password.

3. How do I get my company reviewed on Review Centre?

Please see our handy guide in Company Links for more details.

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