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Whether you are an amateur tennis player inspired every year by Wimbledon or a pro training to take the trophy next year – we can help! If badminton is you family indoor sport or you are looking for the best squash racket for your evening game this category is for you!

Here at Review Centre you will find reviews on many indoor sports ranging from tennis and badminton to tennis tables. Compare our users’ recommendations on all the equipment you may need to practice your favourite indoor sport and find the best to suit your level and needs. We have them all here with brands ranging from Dunlop, Head, Prince, Yonex and Wilson racquet reviews. Also be on the lookout for your favourite sporting events coming up soon such as the Tennis Grand Slams, Olympic sports trials, and let us know what you think of your favourite sports magazines.

If you have found a racket that you think has helped you improve your game then share the secret! Write your own review to help others choose only the best.

We also have reviews on tennis holidays to guide you through to finding the best clubs with the best facilities to practice and master tennis.