Amazing. GREAT service from Hanns G too.

Hanns G HT231 23" Touch Monitor
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johncomputech's review of Hanns G HT231 23" Touch Monitor

“Amazing. GREAT service from Hanns G too.”


written by johncomputech on 04/12/2013

Firstly the customer experience.
Well, I got this monitor a few days ago, which I was eagerly awaiting, only to find it was borked on arrival. The screen itself worked great, but I think the PSU was faulty, meaning there was power bleeding through USB etc so the touch was unusabl, shorting the monitor out which can't be good. Not a great start I thought. BUT - I rang the helpline, another one was ordered and despatched SAME DAY. A follow-up confirmed this was so, the second guy bent over backwards to make me feel happy and we even had a bit of a laugh on the call. It arrived this morning after a very informative text from DPD which was right on the money. The initial call to RepairTech Ltd (thanks guys) took minutes. This screen is PERFECT. It was a beautiful customer experience - I'm almost glad I got a faulty one so I found this out. Helpful, friendly national support with you in mind. You don't get much of that these days!

Secondly, the hardware.
On to the spec. The screen itself is beautiful, glass and very thin. Working at 1920x1080 (1080p) it keeps up with my laptop very well. The stand almost lies flat, so you can use it at a kind of 'lectern' angle. pulling it back up is so very easy it makes you wonder how they did it. I have my Dell XPS12 hooked up to it via MiniDisplay Port to HDMI and it is a great picture. Colours aren't bad for a monitor of this price once calibrated, the touch works just as well as any native screen using Win 8. It is incredibly bright and very low on power consumption. I cannot fault it at all! I want another one!

If you're looking for a new monitor under 200 quid, look no further. I would gladly use and recommend Hanns-G (Hannspree) after this experience. And the touch brings it to the next level.

Great stuff people.

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