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Aston Martin, one of the worlds most distinguished sports car manufacturers, continues to develop its reputation for producing hand-crafted sports cars of distinction. On this page read about Aston Martin models, history and follow links to guides and user reviews.

Aston Martin Cars

  • Aston Martin Types

    • Aston Martin DB2 – Fifties classic sports car coupe which achieved formidable success on the track.

    • Aston Martin DB4 – Gorgeous saloon and convertible. The first production car capable of 0-100-0 mph in under 30 secs. Produced from 1958 to 1963.

    • Aston Martin DB5 - The most famous Aston Martin as seen in the James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball. Available as standard and convertible DB5.

    • Aston Martin DB9 - Acclaimed Aston Martin DB9 is available as coupe or convertible offering superb comfort and performance.

    • Aston Martin DBS - One of the most powerful production Aston Martins ever made. A beautiful looking high performance luxury vehicle.

    • Aston Martin Vanquish – Aston Martin’s flagship V12 grand tourer produced from 2001 to 2007. As seen in the James Bond film: Die Another Day.

    Aston Martin Important Dates

    • 1913 - Bamford and Martin Limited founded in London

    • 1914 - Aston Martin name is born following success at Aston Hill Climb

    • 1915 - First Aston Martin registered

    • 1921 - First works competition car

    • 1922 - Aston Martin appearance at French Grand Prix

    • 1926 - Aston Martin Motors Limited formed

    • 1928 - Le Mans 24 hour race first entry

    • 1937 - 140 cars built – the highest pre-war production

    • 1939 - Aston Martin Atom built

    • 1948 - The Aston Martin Spa Special wins the Spa 24 hour race.

    • 1951 - Aston Martin DB2 comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 3 litre class

    • at Le Mans

    • 1953 - DB2/4 goes into production, the first 2+2


    • 1957 DB Mk III into production

    • 1958 DB4 goes into production

    • 1959 - Aston Martin wins World Sportscar

    Championship in the DBR1

    • 1963 - DB5 goes into production

    • 1965 -DB6 enters production

    • 1967 - DBS enters production

    • 1972 - Aston Martin Vantage and Aston Martin V8 launched

    • 1977 - Aston Martin V8 Vantage into production

    • 1978 - Aston Martin V8 Volante appears

    • 1980 - Lagonda goes into production

    • 1987 - Aston Martin V8 Volante Zagato goes into production

    • 1990 - Aston Martin Virage starts production

    • 1993 - Aston Martin Vantage launched

    • 1994 - Ford Motor Company acquires 100% holding in

    • Aston Martin. DB7 production commences

    • 2001 - Aston Martin V12 Vanquish enters production

    • 2003 - Aston Martin unveils the AMV8 Vantage concept car at the Detroit Motor Show

    • 2007 - Aston Martin Vanquish production ended

    About Aston Martin

    Aston Martin is the choice of vehicle for James Bond and others of a similar high level of taste in their motorcars. Hand made luxury sports cars with unique handling, build quality, luxury trim and specification; Aston Martins have been offered for exclusive clients for almost 100 years. The vast majority of the 25,000 plus Aston Martins that have been built are still in use, cherished as an investment and a testament to the quality and quality experience they provide.

    Aston Martin History

    Aston Martins fortunes began to rise in 1947, when the company was acquired by industrialist David Brown, and the DB badge was launched. These iconic cars were among the most beautiful sports cars of the 1950s/1960s and defined the long-term future of the Aston Martin. Aston Martin soon won Le Mans in 1959, with the DBR1, setting a trend, and secured victory in that years World Sportscar Championship. An Aston Martin DB5 was also driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond film Goldfinger, a relationship with Bond which continues. An Aston Martin appeared more recently in the 2006 remake of Casino Royale and in December 2007 Aston Martin also announced flagship model, the DBS, will once again be driven by James Bond, starring Daniel Craig, in the new film Quantum of Solace, directed by Marc Forster. Aston Martins have appeared in numerous other films including Gorgeous (1999) with Jackie Chan driving an Aston. This exposure may partly be the reason why in an unprecedented move in 2007 by the CoolBrands Council, Aston Martin was awarded the title of UKs coolest brand award for the second year running by CoolBrands, which provides expert and consumer opinion on the UKs strongest brands. The award came as Aston Martins fortunes have been on a high for some time in the modern era due partly to substantial investment. The 90s saw Ford take control of the company, substantially investing in new manufacturing and ramping uroduction. In 1994, Ford opened a new factory at Banbury Road in Bloxham and in 1995, the company produced a record 700 vehicles. In 1998 the 2,000th DB7 was built, and in 2002 the 6,000th, exceeding production of all previous DB models. The DB7 range was boosted by the addition of V12 Vantage models in 1999. In 2001 the company introduced the V12-engine Vanquish. In 2007 an independent consortium took control of Aston Martin, with Ford retaining a stake, and as a result the company looks set to have a bright future.