Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica

  • Overview

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    Our reviewers confirm the Toyota Celica1.8 coupe carries the Toyota badge of credibility. The Celica 1.8 isendorsed with a 100 per cent recommendation at this site and itshallmarks appear to include reliability, performance and pleasure.Much of this is down to Toyotas record for engineering excellence aswell as the fact it is an attractive fun vehicle to drive.

  • Specification

    Seventh generation 2003 Toyota Celica1.8 VVT-i T Sport
    Toyota Celica car insurance groups start atgroup 13 and rise to group 15

    • Engine - 1796cc

    • Power - 140bhp

    • Top Speed - 140mph

    • Acceleration - 0-60mph - 7.2s

    • Economy - 33.6mpg

  • Early History

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    The first generation Toyota Celica wasreleased in 1971 and since then has experienced seven differentgenerations. The first model was based on the EX-1 car of the futureprototype, its design quite radical at the time and hugelyinfluential in the development of the compact sport category.

    It was fitted with a carburetedfour-cylinder engine - 1.6 litres. Available only in ST form and as atwo-door sport-coupe the Celica was an image driven car which helpedbroaden the appeal of the sport sector.

    The Modern Celica


    The fourth generation ST165 establishedthe Toyota in world rallying terms with the GT4 - A GT-versioncompeted in Group A Rally racing during the eighties and nineties.The GT-Four also becomes a collectors model when it was produced forthe public in a limited edition.


    Fifth generation Celica ST185 hadunusual looks but proved popular. The fifth generation totallyredesigned the styling with a much more aggressive rounded andsculpted body. Arriving in both lift-back and sports coupe the 5thgeneration had a lower front end a higher rear end giving the Celicaa modern sporty look. Released in 5 trims the All-Trac (or GT-4 inEurope) with 200HP and all wheel drive (AWD) was by far the mostpowerful.


    The sixth generation ST205 wasoverblown for some but a delight for fans. With plush interior specthe new model had very aerodynamic curves, unique bug-eyes and aneven more aggressive look than the 5th generation


    Saw the start of the seventh generation- major redevelopments again with 140bhp engine available on Celica,Celica Style and Celica Premium. Celica Style added 17-inch alloywheels and rear spoiler, sports pedals and enhanced audio package tothe standard Celica. Celica Premium came with climate control, fullleather seats and electric sunroof

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    Celica range now consisted of fourmodels:

    • Celica

    • Celica Premium

    • Celica Style

    • Celica T Sport.

  • Award

    A panel of world judges considered the1.8 VVTL-i engine from the Celica T Sport as the best available inthe 1.4 to 1.8-litre powertrains, including diesel. It receivedEngine of the Year title in 2002 from the Engine TechnologyInternational magazine

  • Reviews

    Times Online said:

    The seventh generation model Celicaembodies the core values of Toyota engineering - performance withoutcompromise. Intelligent engineering replaces the muscle car approachof the past to create a sports coupe which is light and nimble todrive yet still economical to own.

    Yahoo Cars said:

    The latest seventh generation Celicais extremely light weight and razor sharp.

    Parkers Guide says of the seventhgeneration model:

    Toyotas reputation is based uponexcellent reliability so you shouldnt have much trouble from aCelica. Owners report only the smallest of problems.

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  • Features

    3 dr coupe 1.8 petrol VVTi, 190 -standard equipment includes:

    • Twin front and side airbags

    • ABS

    • Leather-covered steering wheel

    • Electric windows and mirrors

    • 16in alloy wheels and remote central locking

  • Review Centre Reviews

    Heres what some of our reviewers hadto say about their models:

    "It is a very good looking car,and amazingly cheap to run. This car seems like it will last forever.One of my favourite cars ever!!!"

    "The Toyota Celica is astunning car, even though mine was 20 years old! Very fast, veryreliable and of course still very good looking!"

    "After 14 years of driving myToyota Celica, I can say: if you want a good looking and performingcar that will last forever, this is it.

  • Latest Toyotas

    Last year the new Celica Blue range waslaunched.

    Car Pages said:

    Distinguished by special interiortrim and upholstery and extra style and equipment features.

    This year the new Toyota Celica GTwas offered.

    Test Driven says:

    In its new GT trim it hugs the roadeven closer..