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Alfa Romeo are an Italian sports car manufacturer famed for close historical links with Ferrari.

Famed for producing classy, stylish sports cars, Alfa Romeos are cars favoured by motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson, who insists that drivers cannot class themselves as a true "petrolhead" unless they have, at some point in their lives, owned an Alfa.

Alfa Romeo

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo

    Although now owned by the FIAT group, in June 2008 Alfa successfully collaborated with General Motors to produce their first supermini, the Alfa Romeo MiTo, having stepped beyond their sports car/supercar heritage.

    The much anticipated Alfa Romeo MiTo shares its underpinnings with the Fiat Grande Punto and the Opel Corsa Type D.

  • Alfa Romeo 147

    As a small family car, the Alfa Romeo 147 made waves as Alfa's answer to cars like the VW Golf. Sporty hot hatch versions also took on the legendary Volkswagen Golf GTi, and made an appearance in the WRC in 2003.