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On this page you will find some information about the classic British luxury and sports car manufacturer, Jaguar. Jaguars, or Jags, as they are affectionately known, have an illustrious history in motor manufacturing but are also currently experiencing a revival of interest due to their superb performing and innovative contemporary vehicles. Read on for all you need to know about Jaguar and follow clicks for even more info on different models.


  • Jaguar - Overview

    This legendary car brand is recognisable all over the world for its distinctive Jaguar big cat mascot on its bonnet and for that distinctive muscular shape. The company has had several prominent periods during its illustrious history, including the 40s and 50s and the 60s and 70s when its sports cars and saloons have been world beaters. In particular, Jaguar made its name in the 1950s with elegant sports cars and luxury saloons. Since being associated with Ford in 1989 Jaguar has consistently redeveloped its stable of premium vehicles with some absolute masterpieces now on offer. These include the spectacular XK range; its lightweight aluminium body becoming a major reason for many current Jaguars developing a reputation for sublime handling, superb safety and incomparable luxury.

  • Jaguar - Main History

    Since the company was founded in 1922, Jaguar has evolved from the production of motorcycle sidecars to become one of the worlds leading designers and producers of premium sports cars and saloons.

    Luxury manufacturer Jaguar Cars was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, changing to SS Cars Ltd in 1934, and becoming Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1945.

    Jaguar bought the Daimler car company in 1960 from BSA.

    Jaguar was bought out by the Ford Company in 1989 but continued to be based in Coventry, England where it was founded.

    Jags have a distinguished motor racing history. Particularly at Le Mans, winning in 1951 and 1953, in 1955, 1956 and 1957 and in 1988 and 1990.

  • Recent Jaguars

    From 1994 - 2007 the Jaguar range has gone through big changes.

  • New models include

    • New versions of the compact X-TYPE
    • New distinctive S-TYPE saloons. 
    • Aluminium XJ
    • Stylish and flexible X-TYPE Estate
    • XJ Long Wheel Base, along with acclaimed diesel versions of the X-TYPE and S-TYPE saloons. 
    • New XK a stunningly modern sports car in lightweight aluminium. [B] [B]

    Popular models include the Jaguar XJ which boasted over 20 per cent share of the large luxury car segment in 2006. Jaguar sales in 2006 were up 25 per cent over the previous year.

  • Jaguar-Selected Recent Awards

    Prestige Manufacturer of the Year 2007 - by Lloyds TSB autolease, one of the UKs largest fleet funding/management companies. Based on online survey of over 2,600 customers on quality and communication from car brands when conducting service and repairs.

    First place 2006 JD Power Sales Satisfaction Survey Jaguar won this award for the third year in the row.

    Jaguars XJ 2.7 Diesel has been named the greenest luxury car on Britains roads in the Environmental Transport Associations 2007 Car Buyers Guide.

    The Jaguar C-XF concept car won the Editors Special Award at the 2007 Fleet World Honours. The C-XF is a stunning, four-door sports saloon which blends design and dynamism. A clear idea of the design direction for next generations of Jaguar saloons. Special praise for imaginative design

    The Jaguar XJ named Luxury Car of the Year for second consecutive year at the Business Car Awards 2006.

    The Jaguar XF major reader award as The Most Exciting Car to be Launched in 2007 at the What Car? Car of the Year Awards.

    Jaguar XK Coupe named Car of the Year and Luxury Car of the Year at the UKTV People Awards 2006. Over 10,000 UK TV viewers voted

  • Jaguar Types

    • Jaguar Daimler Super but very expensive statesmen-like vehicles combining Jaguars high performance abilities with state-of-the-art limousine luxury.
    • Jaguar S Type Popular mid size iconic luxury sports coupe with distinctive stylings and high performance. A bestseller for Jaguar.
    • Jaguar X Type Great looking luxury compact executive car with reputation for superb handling.
    • Jaguar XJ Very popular high performance flagship big luxury vehicle. Superb performance and decent economy.
    • Jaguar XJR High performance Jaguar sports saloons. Recent models offer sophistication, luxury and performance par excellence.
    • Jaguar XK - Beautiful, powerful and luxury Coupe or Convertible in innovative lightweight aluminium. Current models are best in class. World-beater.
    • Jaguar XKR - Supercharged version of XK. The top of the range performance wise which says a lot.
  • Jaguar Engines

    Jaguar has designed in-house four generations of engines.

  • Historical engines-

  • Current engines:

  • Jaguar Key Dates

    • 1922 - Jaguar began life as Swallow Sidecars in 1922.
    • 1927 Began building special-bodied cars.
    • 1931 - Launch of the legendary SS1
    • 1935 - Jaguar name was born.
    • 1948 - XK120 sports car launched with an unprecedented 160 hp.
    • 1950 - The Mark VII unveiled. Exploratory trip to Le Mans.[B] [B]
    • - Le Mans Jaguars finish first, second and fourth. A total of five victories at Le Mans occur during the 50s.
    • 1951 - XK120C. C-Types sports cars launched.
    • - Jaguar 2.4 smaller car launched. 
    • 1961 - The E-Type - legendary Jag sports car launched.
    • 1968 - XJ6 launched - another classic Jag. 
    • 1972 - Aged 71, founder Sir William Lyons retired.
    • 1975 - Launch of the XJ-S luxury sports coupe and convertible. 1988 - XJR-9LM wins Le Mans
    • 1990 - XJR-12 wins Le Mans.
    • 1989 - Ford buys Jaguar Cars for $2.5 billion
    • 2001 - New X-TYPE launched2002 - All-new XJ, featuring the revolutionary aluminium body construction.
    • 2006 - Worldwide sales begin of the new XK range - most technically advanced Jaguars ever.