Citroen C3

Citroen C3

  • Overview

    The Citroen C3 was launched in 2002 its high sided, curvaceous design offering a stylish new take on the classic 2CV.

    Compact and easy to handle with continuously variable electric power steering, the C3 is the type of mini aimed at city living.

    Its competitive price and credible brand have led the C3 to be a sales success in the UK.

    It also bases its success on its price comparison with the likes of Seats Ibiza and Skodas Fabia.

  • Models and Insurance

    Citroen went on to launch successive models including the VTR version in January of this year as well as the C3 Stop & Start which promises to reduce emissions as well as slash urban fuel bills by up to 15 per cent.

    Other models include the C3 Exclusive which achieved a top security spot in the supermini and city car category at the first British Insurance Car Security Awards.

    This credibility also helps ensure the Citroen C3 and its mate the C2 offer the lowest insurance ratings possible - group two and one respectively.

  • Sales

    By 2003 the funky C3 was helping to ensure that a solid seven per cent of all superminis sold in Britain were a Citroen.

    This year the Citroen C3 has now achieved the one million sales mark just three years after it was launched. It is now Europes top-selling five door car in its market sector.

    The Citroen C3s success has been driven not just by the unique style and spacious interior, but also by its numerous friendly versions, including the unique Citroen C3 Pluriel convertible and the child-friendly Citroen C3 XTR, as well as the new technology provided by the Citroen C3 Stop&Start and the C3 Gaz Natural.

    The Citroen C3 has even given a taste of technology to come with the self-parking experimental Citroen C3.

  • Reviews

    Industry observers have generally been positive. said: The electric power steering is very light and helps to make the Citroen C3 feel very agile around town. Out of town and at higher motorway speeds, the Citroen C3 provides a reasonably quiet cabin - engine and road noise are both well controlled.

    Many of our reviewers have found the C3 to their satisfaction - on the move handling is good as well as visibility thanks to the high seating.

    Examples of satisfied remarks are: It is a very comfortable car to drive, with a surprisingly comfortable up-right driving position. The car does what I want very reliably in good comfort and at a gratifyingly low cost with its spectacular mileage, low diesel road tax and low insurance category.

    However, others have reported computer malfunctions and mechanical failures which suggest in some respects the jury may still be out as to whether this is truly a modern classic.

  • Vital Statistics - Citroen C3 1.4i SX Automatic 5dr

    • Horse Power: 75
    • Engine: 1360c.
    • Maximum Speed: 101 mph.
    • Acceleration: 0 - 62 mph, 15.7 seconds.
    • Insurance Group: 3.
    • Fuel Type: Unleaded petrol.
    • Fuel Capacity - 47 litres / 10.34 gallons.
    • Mpg: 41.5.