Lexus Soarer


- Amazing build, luxury interior, great resell value, solid ride. Cult import classic.


Early Japanese models not the greatest handling.

Lexus Soarer

  • Toyota/Lexus Soarer Overview

    The Toyota Soarer was an influential coup sold by Toyota from 1981 to 2004. In 1990, following the successful launch of its upscale Lexus division outside of Japan, Toyota commissioned its California design studios to develop a new luxury coupe. Outstanding build quality, a folding metal roof and exceptional refinement became its main qualities. Although there is really no such thing as a Lexus Soarer this luxury coupe was originally marketed in Japan and also in the USA as a Toyota Soarer but is also known sometimes now as a Lexus Soarer. It was not sold in Europe. There were 5 Japanese Soarer models, all right hand drive. Many were bought in Europe and other markets as imports and in some cases the Toyota badges were replaced later with Lexus badges. To add to the confusion the Lexus SC range modelled on the Japanese Soarer are also known as Lexus Soarers. Known as the Toyota Soarer in Japan, but badged as a Lexus SC300/SC400 for the States and other markets, this version of the coupe was never officially sold in the UK.

  • Toyota/Lexus Soarer - Key Dates

    1981 - The Z1 series Soarer, a two-door box coup was launched.

    1986 - The Z2 series, a more rounded Soarer, was launched.

    1991 - The third generation 30 series Toyota Soarer launched in Japan. The 30 series Soarers were similar to the Lexus SC 300/400 luxury coupes Toyota were launching as part of the luxury Lexus division for foreign markets outside Japan. The 30 series Soarer shared the body style and key components with the Lexus SC, but featured different interior features, powertrain configurations, and other performance enhancements. In 1991 the Lexus SC 300/400 also debuted in the U.S.

    2001 - Toyota introduced a fourth generation convertible in Japan as the 40 series Toyota Soarer and overseas as the luxury Lexus SC 430. The fourth generation Soarer and Lexus SC models was the first time both Soarer and SC models were basically the same.

    2005 - Lexus was launched in Japan. 40 series Soarer dropped and the Lexus SC 430 made available. The Toyota Soarer now known throughout the world as a Lexus SC430.

  • Japanese 30 Series Soarer Models

    There were five Japanese models all of which looked similar although some have a rear spoiler.

    2.5 Litre Twin Turbo (later became a single turbo)

    3.0 Litre

    4.0 Litre V8 (Coil Suspension)

    4.0 Litre V8 (Air Suspension)

    4.0 Litre V8 (Active Suspension)

    Also branded/known as:

    JZZ30 - 2.5L 6 cyl twin turbo (1991-1996)

    JZZ30 - 2.5L 6 cyl single turbo VVTi (1996-2000)

    JZZ31 - 3.0L 6 cyl (US Lexus SC 300) (1994-2000)

    UZZ30 - 4.0L 8 cyl (US Lexus SC 400) (1991-1993)

    UZZ31 - 4.0L 8 cyl air suspension (1991-1997)

    UZZ32 - 4.0L 8 cyl 4ws, active suspension (1991-1996)

    Soarer Standard Features

    Reversing camera

    Digital dashboard display

    Global positioning systems (gps).

    Power steering

    Elec mirrors, windows,

    Power seats

    Climate controlled air conditioning


    Leather upholstery

    Electric seats with memory

    Heated seats

    Heated mirrors

    Cd player (some 12 stack)


    Cruise control

    Trip computer

    Selectable overdrive

    Keyless entry fob

    Electronic instrument cluster

    Elec folding mirrors

    Premium nakamichi soundsystem with 12 cd stacker

    Leather door trim

    Lcd dimmer on rearview mirror

    Climate control

  • Lexus SC Series/Soarer

    The Lexus SC series is the 4 seater luxury coup sold by Lexus featuring front engine, rear-wheel drive design and seating for up to four passengers. The first generation SC was the V8 SC 400 in 1991, and the I6-powered SC 300 laucnhed.