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If you have heard the reputation of and seen the luxury of the Lexus brand and want to know more you have come to the right place. On this page we provide a quick guide to some of the most popular Lexus models and give you extra info about the Japanese auto manufacturer.


  • Lexus - Overview

    Lexus is the award winning luxury vehicle division of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. Since launching in 1989 Lexus has steadily risen to become the best-selling luxury car lineup in the world. Lexus stands for Luxury Export and was set up by Toyota to rival the leading European luxury brands. The Lexus brand now has an unrivalled status for reliability, comfort, technical innovation, performance and style. These cars are unbeatable. Since 1989 Lexus sales have steadily increased. A million cars were sold in the first decade between 89 and 99. The next million was sold between 99 and 03. There is now a considerable range. The smallest of the fleet are the Lexus IS vehicles. Midsize saloons include the Lexus GS 300, Lexus GS 430 while the LS models are the full size luxury saloons. The Sports Coupe line includes the Lexus SC 430. The 4x4 range includes the RX smaller SUVs and the GX, the larger model range. In August 2005 Toyota launched the Lexus brand in Japan for the first time. One of the first vehicles from their Toyota fleet to be re-branded was the Soarer, now known as a Lexus SC430. The Lexus is now a truly worldwide luxury brand.

  • Lexus Top Secret Launch

    Legend has it that Lexus was conceived in 1983 when Toyota Chairman Eiji Toyoda called a secret meeting of company big wigs to propose a new luxury vehicle to challenge the world's leading luxury auto makers, BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes. The top-secret project was codenamed F1. In 1987 a select group of Toyota engineers were assembled to work on a new project: to create the best luxury cars ever. The much-acclaimed LS 400 was the result of their efforts and the start of what Lexus calls its pursuit of perfection. Lexus was finally launched in 1989.

  • Lexus Types

    Lexus IS200 - Entry-level luxury compact executive car which offers a superb drive.

    Lexus RX300 - Luxury on and off roader. Great handling.

    Lexus Soarer Classic import luxury coupe with great resell value.

    Lexus RX400h Bigger 4X4 with excellent green credentials.

    Lexus GS300 Midsize luxury sports saloon. Fast and smart to drive.

    Lexus GS 300s/se - High performance. High luxury. Launched in 93.

    Lexus SC430 Luxury update of the high performance Soarer with improved specification.

    Lexus LS400 - Highest quality Lexus luxury saloon. Super reliable.

    Lexus IS300 Classic sports saloon with luxury specification. Very smooth ride.

  • Lexus Awards

    Lexus has a habit of scooping awards for its vehicles from every conceivable publication and organisation all over the globe.

    Record Breaking JD Power Figures

    In 2007, for example, for an amazing seventh consecutive year it won the JD Power and Associates Gold Award. This in itself was a record-breaking seventh consecutive JD Power Gold Award for customer satisfaction. Lexus IS was ranked the top individual model. The RX was placed fourth. Lexus was also ranked top in three out of the four key criteria

    Vehicle quality/reliability

    Service satisfaction

    Vehicle appeal

  • Lexus LS 460 World Car of the Year 2007

    The new Lexus LS 460 has been declared World Car of the Year 2007 by a group of international journalists. The announcement was made at a press conference at the New York International Auto Show on 5 April, 2007. The Lexus LS 460, launched in January, was chosen from an initial entry list of 28 contenders nominated by World Car jurors from 22 countries throughout the world. WCOTY jurors considered the prestigious LS 460 to be the embodiment of the Lexus brand's motto the pursuit of perfection. Classically luxurious, with modern execution, unquestioned quality and more than ample power, it also offers a green alternative in the form of the soon to be launched LS 600h hybrid variant for those who seek guilt-free indulgence. The jurors also recognised that Lexus continues to build its reputation with this luxury flagship boasting many firsts, including a novel automatic parking system and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The top contenders for the third annual World Car of the Year in addition to the Lexus LS 460 were the Audi TT and the MINI.

  • Prize for Advanced Technology 2007

    Another notable 2007 award was the annual Paul Pietsch Prize for Advanced Technology, one of Germany's prestigious awards which was won by the Lexus GS 450h. The prize is awarded for advanced technology in production cars with the jury made up of the technical editors of Auto Motor Und Sport's group publications. The GS 450h won the prize for its Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the jury praising the GS 450h for providing the power of a 4.0-litre V8 engine with the fuel consumption of a 6-cylinder engine.

    Other 2007 Awards

    In Germany, the GS also finished top in Auto Zeitung magazine's import upper class.

    The IS 250 picked up the 'Goldenes Lenkrad' in the mid and upper class in Bild Am Sonntag Magazine.

    In the Auto Express and Auto Bild awards the LS 460 received the innovation award for the ground-breaking advanced pre-crash safety system.

    Auto Bild also awarded the 'Auto 1' award for the GS 450H in the limousine category.

    In the UK Top Gear magazine awarded the LS 600h the limousine car of the year award

    What Car awarded Toyota And Lexus the 'Car Of The Year 2007 Green Award'.

    In Portugal, The GS 450h received the 'executive of the year' award in the Autosport Journal.