Pros Who wouldnt want to own one of these?

Cons None, unless you have an aversion for one of the greatest, fastest, most stylish production sports cars ever made.


  • Overview

    High performance, hyper stylish sports coupes and convertibles based on a combination of the extraordinary powerful M5 engines and the super stylish BMW 6 series bodies.

  • History

    1983 - BMW produced E24 inspired models from 1983 89. Critically acclaimed by everyone who drove one they are sublimely elegant featuring the confident shark-nose look while offering unbeatable luxury and features. They are also extremely quick, officially performing 0-60 mph in 6.4 secs. Although drivers everywhere reported acceleration as much faster than this.

    1989 - Production closed. Only 5,855 of these cars were sold and they are quite rightly highly sought after.

    2005 - The BMW M6 was revived in 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show, a coupe based on the 2004 BMW E63/E64 6-Series. An absolutely beauty of a car, It shares the same 5.0 L V10 S85 engine and SMG III gearbox with the E60 M5. 0 to 62 mph in 4.6 seconds gives you an idea of what the fuss is all about. Electronically limited max speed is 155 mph.

    2006 - If the coupe wasnt enough to get the sports enthusiasts salivating the 2006 BMW M6 Convertible - launched at the 2006 Paris Motor Show - Mondial

    de lAutomobile offered even more excitement. The 373 kW/507 hp V10 engine is just for starters. This is without a doubt one of the most exciting and exclusive cars ever built a high-performance 2+2-seater convertible combining the performance of a sports car, luxurious features all round, and inimitable flair, it has no direct competitor on the market.

  • 2006/2007 BMW M6 Convertible


    The BMW M6 Convertible is truly unmistakable. It is the open-air version of the

    high-performance of the BMW M6 sports car. And at the same time it

    is the most sporting and dynamic rendition of the BMW 6 Series Convertible. An excellent balance of weight contributes to the superior driving behaviour - the bodyshell uses modern plastics wherever appropriate.

    At the same time these advanced materials are stiffer and stronger than

    comparable components made of conventional materials, not only helping to

    enhance the cars driving dynamics, but also to ensure supreme vibration

    control with a very high standard of crash safety. Performance is comparable with the more resolute looking coupe which is testament to the thought BMW have put into the new M6 convertible. Another notable point it the Convertibles high-performance brakes comparable with motorsport vehicles. The BMW M6 Convertible comes

    to a halt from 100 km/h within just 36 metres or 118 feet, while its stopping

    distance from 200 km/h is less than 140 metres or 46 feet.

  • Features

    • Open four- combines the dynamic performance of a super sports car with the exclusivity of a luxury convertible
    • 5.0-litre ten cylinder power unit developing 373 kW/507 hp for outstanding performance at all times.
    • High-speed power unit accelerates the BMW M6 Convertible from 0100 km/h in 4.8 seconds.
    • Maximum torque of 520 Newton-metres
    • Excellent chassis and suspension conceived for supreme dynamics
    • Sequential M Gearbox (SMG) complete with
    • Top-quality soft roof opens and closes electrically in less than 25 seconds
    • Widely flared side sills
    • Exhaust system with four tailpipes
    • Powerfully designed rear air dam.
    • Ergonomic Controller with enhanced menu guidance also comprising management.
    • Speedometer and rev counter housed within chrome surrounds
    • Optional Head-Up Display (HUD) presents information in line of vision.
    • Front seats specially optimised
    • Luggage compartment accommodates
    • One large and one small hard-shell suitcase
    • Variable bi-VANOS camshaft adjustment ensures an optimum gas cycle
    • at all times
    • All-electronic throttle control
    • BMWs Sequential M Gearbox (SMG) and , seven-speed SMG
    • Variable M Differential Lock and DSC with M Dynamic Mode.
    • EDC Electronic Damper Control
    • ASE Advanced Safety Electronics safety and information system precisely
    • monitoring the intensity of an impact and activating exactly the right
    • restraint systems quickly and with the desired effect.
    • High performance brakes
    • Electronically controlled safety systems.
    • High tech customisation options include adaptive headlight function, audio systems and specialist communication units.
  • Drivelogic

    Drivelogic is standard in the new M6s. In BMWs SMG transmission it offers the driver 11 driving programs for an individual SMG gearshift. Six of these 11 programs my be pre-selected within the manual gearshift function (S mode), with the driver choosing gears by hand. The only exception is Launch Control for maximum acceleration from

    a standstill. The shift maneuvers required in each case are completed

    independently by transmission at the ideal gearshift point and with

    optimum slip control. Adding to this freedom in choosing gears manually, the D-mode offers five driving programs with automatic transmission.

    Variable M Differential Lock and DSC with M Dynamic Mode.

    The variable, speed-sensing M Differential Lock gives the Convertible superior

    driving stability and optimum traction particularly when accelerating out

    of a bend. So even in very demanding situations, the car benefits from decisive

    advantages, for example with the drive wheels running on

    different surfaces with very different frictional elements. In such a case the

    M Differential Lock immediately builds up a growing lock effect parallel to

    the difference in speed on the drive wheels, safely retaining superior thrust

    and power. The BMW M6 Convertible also comes with BMWs latest generation of DSC

    Dynamic Stability Control offering maximum driving safety for sporting maneouvers. The driver also has the option to switch off the DSC.

    2007 M6 Coup and Convertible - Standard Technical Features

    • 10-cylinder V engine with four-valve technology,
    • Individual throttle butterflies with electronic
    • Throttle butterfly control
    • Aluminium chassis with double-joint spring strut front
    • Axle, integral rear axle with M-specific set-up
    • Centre lock switch
    • Digital Engine Electronics (DME
    • Electronic Damper Control with three programmers
    • (Comfort, Normal, Sports)
    • Emission standard EU4
    • Exhaust system, twin-chamber with twin dual tailpipes,
    • Chrome-plated
    • Hydraulic valve play compensation
    • Ion flow knock control
    • Light-alloy cylinder head
    • Mdrive Manager
    • M high-pressure double-VANOS
    • M Servotronic
    • Oil supply with lateral force control
    • On-board diagnosis
    • SMG Drivelogic, 7-speed
  • Variable M differential lock

  • 2007 M6 Coup M6 Convertible - Standard Performance Data

    • Cylinders/valves - 10/4
    • Capacity - cc 4999
    • Stroke/bore - mm 75.2/92.0
    • Max. output/speed - kW(hp)/rpm 373 (507)/7750 373 (507)/7750
    • Max. torque/speed - Nm/rpm 520/6100
    • Compression ratio - :1 12.0
    • Performance - M6 , M6 Convertible
    • Top speed - km/h 250, 250
    • Acceleration - 0100 km/h sec 4.6 4.8
    • Standing-start - 01000 m sec 22.5 22.9
    • Fuel consumption3,4 M6
    • City/highway/combined ltr/100 km 22.7/10.2/14.8 22.8/10.7/15.2
    • CO2 emissions g/km 357 366