BMW 6 Series


Distinctive style, powerful engines, smooth ride, good safety and state of the art interior. One of the more fascinating and exciting vehicles on the market.


Bigger passengers will find rear seating a little cramped. Very expensive cars.

BMW 6 Series

  • Overview

    The BMW 6 Series is basically a 2-door/4-passenger luxury sports or convertible sports car with a mature, and many say, beautiful styling.

    The range was re-launched in 2003 after an initial run that lasted from 1976 to 1989, again a continuation of a longer sports tradition. The modern BMW 6 Series line-up consists of the 650i coupe and convertible. These models offer a standard 4.8-litre, V8, 360hp engine doing about 17-mpg in the city and 24-mpg on the motorway. The 650i Convertible offered about 16-mpg in the city and 22-mpg on the highway. A 6-speed manual or automatic transmission with overdrive is optional. Exterior design elements included a low kidney grille, a swept-back roof, and clean lines similar to the 5 Series.

  • Historic 6 Series

    The BMW 6 Series is part of more than 70 years dedicated to success in motorsport and pleasure driving. Cars such as the BMW 327/328 Coupe and the first generation of the BMW 6 Series to this day combine a special combination of elegance and action. The lineage of the BMW 6 Series began with the famous 327 model in the 1930s. It continued with the historic run of 503 in the 50s and the Bertone-designed 3200 CS of the early 60s. In 1977 the 3.0 CS made its debut, and 635Csi in the 80s. BMW built an 8 Series coupe in the 1990s but returned to the 6 Series in 2004. This was the start of the revival of the segment with an even sportier revamp now unveiled for 2007.

  • Latest BMW 6 Series

    BMW has announced the launch of a new engine to the BMW 6 Series range at the same time as the model line-up has been revised. The BMW 635d opens up a new sector of the market for BMW by mating the acclaimed twin-turbocharged diesel to the marques flagship Grand Tourer. The launch of the BMW 635d coincides with the introduction of fuel saving and emissions-cutting EfficientDynamics technology to the rest of the 6 Series range to improve performance. The model has also been given a subtle restyling to mark the technological changes. Powered by a twin-turbocharged 2,993cc engine with an all aluminium crankcase and third generation common rail fuel injection system, the 635d comes with an output of 286hp and 580Nm of torque. With peak torque available from just 1,750rpm seamless smooth acceleration is provided.

    This sees the BMW 635d Coup record 0 to 62mph time in 6.3 seconds while the Convertible managed 6.6 seconds. Top speeds are electronically-limited to 155mph. Amazingly, the Coup still achieves 40.9mpg on the combined cycle and a CO2 emissions figure of 183g/km, while the Convertible retains a similar 39.2mpg and 190g/km. The BMW 635d is joined in the range by the 630i and 650i, offered in both Coup and Convertible bodystyles. The BMW 650i Coup and Convertible models crown the range and are powered by a 4,799cc V8 engine providing an output of 367hp.

  • Features New 2007 BMW 6 Series

    Other features of the new range include:

    EfficientDynamics technology.

    Two revised petrol powerplants.

    Standard six-speed manual gearbox, while the 635d offers new six-speed sports automatic transmission.

    Complete new redesign including revised headlight arrangement featuring LED technology and clear lenses

    New style of front valance.

    Larger kidney grille

    Lower reflectors at rear

    New alloy wheel design in 17-, 18- and 19-inch sizes

    SunReflective Technology leathers

    Infotainment system includes eight Favourite buttons.

    Active Headrests

    The 2007 BMW 6 Series goes on sale in the UK in October.

  • New BMW 6 Series Coup and Convertible

    Model range. Prices as of June 2007 range from 49,300 for BMW 630i Coup to 63,215 for BMW 650i Sport Convertible. Top speeds are electronically limited.

    BMW 630i Coup

    BMW 630i Sport Coup

    Power 272HP

    Torque 320nM

    0-62mph - 6.2s

    Max Speed 155mph

    Combined Mpg - 35.8

    BMW 635d Coup

    BMW 635d Sport Coup

    Power 286HP

    Torque 580nM

    0-62mph - 6.3s

    Max Speed 155mph

    Combined Mpg 40.9

    BMW 650i Coup

    BMW 650i Sport Coup

    Power 367HP

    Torque 490nM

    0-62mph 5.1s

    Max Speed 155mph

    Combined Mpg 24.1

    BMW 630i Convertible

    BMW 630i Sport Convertible

    Power 272HP

    Torque 320nM

    0-62mph 6.7s

    Max Speed 155mph

    Combined Mpg 34

    BMW 635d Convertible

    BMW 635d Sport Convertible

    Power 286HP

    Torque 580nM

    0-62mph 6.6s

    Max Speed 155mph

    Combined Mpg 39.2

    BMW 650i Convertible

    BMW 650i Sport Convertible

    Power 367HP

    Torque 490nM

    0-62mph 5.5s

    Max Speed 155mph

    Combined Mpg 22.4

    Same full 2007 model range but with prices and comparison chart

    Model / Price OTR / Power Hp / Torque Nm / 062mph Secs / 0-62 Top Speed Mph / Combined Mpg

    BMW 630i Coup 49,300 / 272 / 320 / 6.2 / 155 / 35.8

    BMW 630i Sport Coup 51,500

    BMW 635d Coup 53,910 / 286 / 580 / 6.3 / 155 / 40.9

    BMW 635d Sport Coup 56,110

    BMW 650i Coup 55,895 / 367 / 490 / 5.1 / 155 / 24.1

    BMW 650i Sport Coup 57,745

    BMW 630i Convertible 54,945 / 272 / 320 / 6.7 / 155 / 34.0

    BMW 630i Sport Convertible 57,145

    BMW 635d Convertible 59,600 / 286 / 580 / 6.6 / 155/ 39.2

    BMW 635d Sport Convertible 61,800

    BMW 650i Convertible 61,365 / 367 / 490 / 5.5 / 155 / 22.4

    BMW 650i Sport Convertible 63,215

  • 2007 BMW 650i Coupe -V-8 Specification


    Brilliant performance is delivered by the eight-cylinder powerplant in the BMW 650i Coupe. Developing 360 bhp from an engine capacity of 4.8 litres, this power unit allows truly dynamic performance combined with incomparable smoothness and refinement.

    The new six-speed Sport Automatic transmission is tailored to the character of the BMW 6 Series, combining comfortable cruising with the option at any time to use the full power and muscle of the engine for all-out acceleration and driving dynamics.

    General Features -

    2-door 4-passenger coupe

    Front-engine rear-drive

    4.8-liter dohc 32-valve v-8

    6-sp man, 6-sp man with automated shifting and clutch, 6-sp auto with manumatic shifting

    F/r vented disc/vented disc brakes, abs and

    stability control as standard

    Vital Statistics

    Wheelbase - 109.4 in

    Length/width/height - 190.2/73.0/54.1 in

    Turning circle - 37.4 ft

    Curb weight - 3814 lb

    Fuel-tank capacity/range - 18.5 gal/296-315 mi

    Recommended - BMW 635d Coup

    With the worlds most powerful production six-cylinder diesel under the hood the latest BMW 635d Coup /Convertible are unique for this sector of the market for offering economic motoring in a Grand Tourer while still satisfying the luxury demands of high class buyers interested in high performance.