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    Here, Review Centre provides an easy to read guide to the main new and used VWs, plus an overview of VW and key dates in the companys production history. You will also find links to more detailed information about different VW models as well as user reviews and price comparison guides.

    VW Overview

    German car maker VW is the worlds fourth largest car producer building its success on compact, fun to drive and increasingly sporty vehicles. The Golf and the Beetle are, respectively, the third and fourth best selling cars of all time.

    VW has its origins in pre-war Germany when legendary designer Ferdinand Porsche created a compact vehicle. The original Volkswagen design now known as the Volkswagen Beetle became the bestselling single car design in the history of auto manufacturing and the first car to reach twenty million sales. Its aim was to be a peoples car, affordable and fuel-efficient. This concept inspired the name for the VW brand. Volkswagen translates from German to English as people car folks wagon!

    While the Beetle has been hugely popular so too have other VW models.

    Over 21 million Beetles, 23 million Golfs and 13 million Passats, as well as more than nine million Polos have been sold, proof of the confidence Volkswagen inspires.

    The model range continued to grow. Seven Beetle models and a total of five Golf generations, a huge part of this development.

    Volkswagen now builds vehicles all over the world at plants in Mexico; Argentina; Brazil; South Africa; and China as well as Germany; and customers can choose from a range of over 40 models; including luxury end Phaetons and Touaregs as well as mainstream Golfs and Passats.

    VW Types

    Volkwagens have a reputation for reliability, value for money, quirky design and good performance. Whether you are considering buying one of the many popular vehicles from the VW range or just need to find out more about Volkswagen you should find plenty of help by following the links below.

    • Volkswagen Beetle – The world’s best selling car. A classic design. Latest models are works of art based on the retro look of the original Beetle and the modern technological excellence of the Golf.

    • Volkswagen Bora - Good family saloon cars offering great value for money and nice interior. Very elegant to drive. A reworking of the Jetta.

    • Volkswagen Cabrio – Classic VW convertible style but also good value for money. Excellent build quality. Later models are especially superb to drive. Second hand models hold their value well.

    • Volkswagen Caravelle – Big, expensive but luxurious camper van. Great build quality, spec levels and very spacious. Excellent handling for big vehicle. Good safety record.

    • Volkswagen Corrado - Amazing high performance VR6 engine. One of the best cars to drive ever made. Great powerful looks. Ultra reliable. Sound investment if you can get hold of one.

    • Volkswagen Golf - Compact car offering unbeatable quality, durability and value for money. Increasingly design conscious, VW has even somehow managed to make the VW Golf cool.

    • Volkswagen Golf Gti – Compact racer. Original seventies/eighties models are iconic and launched the hot hatch generation. Recent models are a return to form with iconic look and performance.

    • Volkswagen Jetta – Middle of the road but popular saloon offering good levels of spec and performance at an affordable price. Latest models have enhanced the reputation.

    • Volkswagen Lupo – Superb, classy super mini with a distinctive look. World record breaking fuel economy. Excellent to drive. Comfortable and reliable. Good resell value.

    • Volkswagen Passat – One of the safest/reliable saloon/estates in the world. Recent models enjoy the benefits of some decent engines too.

    • Volkswagen Polo – Great little car mostly produced as a hatchback. Affordable, practical and will run for ever. Very popular in Europe.

    • Volkswagen Scirocco - Legendary VW sports coupe now about to receive a re-launch with amazing futuristic design.

    • Volkswagen Sharan – Expensive but high quality people carrier with smooth handling. Very popular. Latest models are luxurious.

    • Volkswagen Touareg – Luxury high end big SUV with amazing spec. Offering powerful engine performance, great 4x4 off and on road capability and state of the art technological extras. Fantastic build quality. Good safety features.

    • Volkswagen Touran – Popular mid range MPV people carrier with brilliant safety record, fuel efficient engines and a reputation for a comfortable ride. New or old models hold value well.

    Key VW Dates

    • 1945 - Legendary Beetle launched, known then as the Volkswagen Type 1. 1,800 Beetles produced in first year. 

    • 1950 - 100,000th Volkswagen leaves the assembly line. The VW transporter also launched.

    • 1952 – The first two Beetles sold in the UK.

    • 1955 - Volkswagen launched the Karmann Ghia.

    • 1969 - By now VW were selling more than 1 million beetles per year.

    • 1973 - The VW Passat arrives in the UK.

    • 1977 - Volkswagen stops production of the Beetle sedan.

    • 1978 - The last Beetle built in Europe arrived in the UK.

    • 1979 – VW stops production of the cabriolet.

    • 1980 – Karmann finished producing the convertible Beetle. The last 4,572 convertible Beetles were sold in the US.

    • 1981 - 20 millionth Beetle was produced in Puebla Mexico.

    • 1983 - Second generation Golf was introduced in Europe.

    • 1987 - One millionth Volkswagen was sold in the UK.

    • 1992 - Vento introduced.

    • 1993 - Two millionth Volkswagen imported to the UK.

    • 1997 - A 1966 Beetle, owned by Albert Klein, was driven one million miles.

    • 2002 - 22,000,000 Golfs made. Golf overtakes the Beetle in terms of sales.

    • 2004 - VW delivers 3.06 million vehicles to customers in more than 150 countries around the world. VW achieves record UK sales of 181,897 vehicles. Top sellers in the UK in 2004 are the Golf (69,784), Polo (45,530), and Passat (31,510).

    • 2005 - 100 millionth Volkswagen, a Touran 1.9-litre TDI produced in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen are the first automotive manufacturer in Europe to reach this production number.

    • 2006 - Volkswagen Golf becomes Volkswagen’s bestseller - over 25,000,000 sales in five generations up to 2006.

    2007 VW Sales

    VW continues to boom reporting massive year on year increases in 2007. The popularity of the new Golf, Beetles and expansion into new markets has helped VW smash sales records everywhere. Sales of the Volkswagen Golf, in particular, are accelerating in Germany, in Europe and elsewhere across the world.

    • Between January - June 2007, VW’s best-selling model posted sales of over 300,600, a ten per cent increase over the same period the previous year.

    • VW Golf accounted for a significant part of the 1.8 million vehicles sold by the Volkswagen brand (a 7.4 percent increase) – a record for the first six months.

    • Germany - The Golf’s biggest market - sales in the first six months of 2007 rose by 5.7 percent to 61,500 units. In the UK the Golf had an 8.7 percent increase to 35,100.

    • Italy, the VW Golf’s third biggest market enjoyed increases of up 19.5 percent to 28,200.

    • Total VW Golf sales in Europe were 219,000 from January to June 2007 – a 7.3 percent year on year increase. A major factor was Eastern European markets such as Romania, Poland and Russia where Golf sales doubled. The Golf’s biggest market outside Europe was the US.

    • VW Group delivers record of 1.47 million vehicles worldwide in first quarter 2007. An important success factor is the growth on the Chinese market - 203,000 vehicles delivered and 23 percent growth.

    • Brazilian market with 120,000 vehicles (plus 21.4 percent).

    • In the USA, the VW Group sold 73,000 units, a slight growth of 0.7 per cent compared to 2006.

    VW Subsidiaries Sales 2007

    • Audi reported a strong increase in worldwide sales during the period January to March 2007, delivering 248,000 vehicles, an increase of 9.4 per cent.

    • Skoda also continued its success story during the first quarter of 2007, deliveries increasing by 15.5 per cent to 150,000.

    • During the first quarter of 2007 Seat delivered 108,000 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 1 per cent. The main sales drive came from strong growth of 24.5 per cent (6,000 units) in the Central and East European market and a 1.6 per cent increase (96,000) in Western Europe.

    • Further increase in worldwide deliveries to customers by the British elite brand Bentley. First-quarter - 20.4 percent, 2,800 vehicles delivered.

    • Italy super sports cars Lamborghini sold 527 vehicles during the first quarter period. A rise of 54.1 percent compared with the same period, 2006.

    • Bugatti delivered 18 worldwide sales during the first three months of 2007, an increase of 260 per cent compared to 2006.