Ford Escort

Ford Escort XR3i

  • History and Features

    Ford Escort XR3i
    • Ford Escort XR3 became one of the best known Hot Hatches and family cars after it was launched in 1980. The XR3 was the first Escort model to feature front wheel drive and transverse mounted engine. The hot-hatch version was offered from 1981.
    • In 1982 a new five speed synchromesh gearbox was fitted to the XR3 and it was further remodified and upgraded in 1983 to become the XR3i. Famously the XR3i was built at the Saarlouis factory, Germany. The XR3i benefited from a slight lowering and new gearing and Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system which created a new 120mph top speed.
    • In 1986 the Escort XR3i received a further revamp to Mk IV with new alloy wheels and anti-lock brakes whilst retaining its high performance 105bhp engine and five speed gearbox.
    • The XR3i name lived until the mid-1990s when its reputation as a boy racer vehicle along with increased insurance costs helped its demise. XR3/XR3i standards include blacked/colour coded body trim, spot lamps, sport interiors and optional alloys.
  • Reviews

    The Escort XR3i is obviously a car which inspires devotion. Reviewers at this site repeatedly mention the lack of maintenance and the cars general reliability as well its speed, acceleration and power. They love the way it looks too as do many people who enjoy its retro image. It is also described as cheap to run and a lot of fun.

  • Specification

    • Engine - Four-cylinder and aluminium-alloy cylinder head
    • Fuel Injection - Bosch K-Jetronic
    • Capacity - 1,596cc
    • Bore - 79.96mm
    • Stroke - 79.52mm
    • Compression Ratio - 9.5:1
    • Power - 105bhp
    • Top Mph 140
  • Second Hand?

    The XR3i are good bets for a second hand buy. The later the model the better as is the general rule. The high spec RS2000 models are particulary sought after. Always look for excessive signs of wear and tear though and always check for signs of rallying and over use. There are plenty of these cars available if you want something cheap, reliable and fast.