Porsche 944

The 944 was a landmark car for Porsche showing the world it could still produce a successful sporting model after the legendary 911. The 944 paved the way for later smaller Porsches like the Boxster.
Second hand purchases can be an absolute bargain at present with one of our reviewers testifying to spending as little as 1300 for her 1985 Porsche 944 Coupe in near mint condition. Although expect to pay a lot more for later models.


porsche 944 coupe Review Centre Reviews cannot believe what they get for their money with the 944 range.
They are overwhelmingly satisfied with their mainly second hand bargains.
One reviewer sums it up nicely:

The 944 is the best kept secret in the sports car market today. If you ever get the chance to drive one or buy one, do it. You definitely wont regret it.
Yahoo Cars says:
Between 1983 and 1991 the Porsche 944 was the benchmark sub-supercar coupe.
Parkers Guide says:
Affordable Porsche; sought after; choose carefully to avoid rough ones.

Porsche 944

  • Models

    Pre-1985 - Renowned for their poor driving position. These early cars are light based on the 924 Turbo and the interior is a transplant from the 924. The five-speed gearbox was an Audi transplant while the automatic was from VW. The new engine was a 2.5 litre four-cylinder Porsche. 1985 New models received forged aluminum front lower control arms and redesigned interior with more leg-room. Improvements in air flow, larger fuel tank. 1987 - ABS anti-lock brakes became optional and a new sport suspension package based on the Turbo Cup series also became available. 1988 - Dual air bags became standard. Turbo got an updated engine and a new front end, updated brakes and clutch. Gs also standard.

  • Spec and recommendations

    Turbo performance: Max: 162mph, 0-60mph - 5 seconds. Insurance - starts Group 16 for 83 944. The majority later models are 20.
    Regular servicing - essential but these Porsches are very reliable if well-maintained.
    Recommended - 1985/86 Lux models, early S2s, late Turbos.