Daihatsu Charade GTti

A Daihatsu Charade is certainly worth considering as a second hand super mini. As you can see our reviewers have overwhelmingly found favour with this speedy little car.
Value, reliability and price are all regular themes cropping up in our visitors comments while comments like Good looking, fast and very fun little hatchback, is typical of the overwhelming loyalty this vehicle attracts.


  • History

    White Daihatsu Charade

    The Charade started life as a hatchback in 1987 offered in three and five-door form with 1.0 and 1.3-litre engines.
    These were replaced in 1993 by more modern machines with an expanded range which included 1. 3, 1.5 and 1.6-litre hatchbacks and a 1.5-litre saloon.
    Some commentators warn potential buyers to check for rust which can be a problem on second hand models, as can worn engines, and especially with the more complex later version.
    However, the GTis were more well equipped and offered buyers greater value and so appear to be quite a viable second-hand buy.
    Many believe they could develop cult status one day as they increasingly appear to be a bargain on todays market offering speed and reliability in a lively design.

  • Performance and Sales

    It is worth noting that they are indeed fast. In 1993 Charade GTti captured a first place win in class A-7 and 5th place overall in the 41st Safari Rally.
    Around this time engine production hit the ten million mark so there have been no shortage of owners who have been ready to sample their versatility and speed.
    Daihatsus ultimate three-cylinder model was the turbocharged Charade GTti which managed 99bhp from its 993cc engine

  • Turbo Engines

    Anyone who is considering buying a Daihatsu today should also be warned that as with any turbo car it is best not to test the engine until it warms up for at least five minutes. Equally good advice is do not turn it off straight after running on the booster. It is best to let the engine idle for a minute or so or drive carefully off boost for the last few miles of your journey. This type of care should help ensure the turbos longevity.

  • Review

    Wisebuyer guide has this to say: The revised Charade is guaranteed to put a smile on your face..

  • Statistics

    Weight: 800 kg
    Engine: 993 cc
    Turbo Horsepower: 74 kW / 6500 rpm
    Torque: 130 Nm / 3500 rpm
    Top Speed: 185 kmph
    Tyres: 175-60/14
    Wheels: 14 in