Citroen Saxo Vtr

Citroen Saxo Vtr

  • Overview

    The Citroen Saxo Vtr was launched in 96 as the sporty kid on the block in the Saxo range and proved an astonishing hit in the UK.

    For years twice as many Saxo VTRs and its stablemate VTS models were sold in Britain than any other European country - the VTR and VTS becoming joint Hot Hatch champion from 96 to 2001, taking the title for an incredible five years in a row by outselling rivals from Ford, Renault and Volkswagen.

  • Reviews

    Despite some minor concerns about interior styling most Review Centre reviewers have found the stylish Hatchback VTR a hit in terms of speed, space, comfort, mobility, reliability and that great all round sporty look.

    Citroen has had a huge success with the Saxo VTR appealing to younger and young at heart drivers who love its roustabout appeal at a price which compares well with similar models on the market.

    Industry observers have also described its value for money.

    Parkers Guide says: Economical and willing engines, a spacious interior, and above-average ride comfort for a supermini. The two Hot Hatch versions - 1.6 VTR and VTS 16-valve are brilliant.

    While Autoplanet pointed out: The Saxo is a good drive with great steering, considered suspension settings and a tight chassis. added: The car also has good room for four, a decent boot, plastics inside that dont offend, and a radio set high and easy to use. The side profile reflects a designers wish to give those inside as full a view as possible of the world beyond.

  • New Range

    For years this vehicle has achieved status in the UK among younger buyers and Citroen needed to be on their toes if it was to create a successor with similar appeal after discontinuing the Saxo in 2003.

    Read our reviews of the Citroen C2 VTR range to see if they succeeded.

    Vital Statistics

    • Insurance Group: 6.
    • Performance: Max Speed 121mph 0-60 10.7s
    • Fuel: Combined, 45.9mpg.
    • Standard Safety: twin front and side airbags, abs, and