Ford Taurus

  • A genuine cult classic the Ford Taurus SHO was ahead of its time in terms of power and style all of which combined in a spacious saloon body.
  • Ford's initial aim with the Ford Taurus SHO in the 1980s was competing with the Toyota MR2 and other two seater light weight sports cars. So Ford collaborated with Yamaha on a light powerful engine which became known as the two seater GN 34 but unfortunately the popularity of such two-seater cars was already waning by then. So the American/Japanese alliance made a sport/luxury version of the Ford Taurus instead.
  • The Taurus SHO became known for their power and style so much so that even in recent years the 220 bhp still packs a powerful punch.
  • Ford had sold nearly seven million Tauruses during its 20 year production cycle but the SHO arriving in 1989 improved on the Taurus reputation.

Ford Taurus

  • Engines - Ford Taurus SHO

    • 4-cylinder engine - L and GL sedans
    • 3.0-litre V6 - for wagons, LX level
    • 3.8-litre V6 - other models
  • Main features - Ford Taurus SHO

    • Nice design and spacious interior
    • Driver-side airbag
    • No automatic transmission
    • Antilock braking added 1990
    • ABS optional on some sedans
    A high-performance SHO version released 1989 with Yamaha built 220 hp twin V6 all disc brakes and 5-speed manual shift.
  • Reviews

    The Yamaha V6 and the SHO was a regular top ten critics car for its first few years of production. And our user reviewers still love these cars today.

    Repeated comments include the lack of maintenance and repairs required, the luxury of space, speed and decent levels of spec as well as that great SHO look.

    One reviewer describes the Ford Taurus SHO rather simply, saying they should have never stopped making them. Another reviewer who has owned six SHOs says they were all great reliable and fun cars. Another reviewer says his car is still running perfectly - unbelievably at 230,000 miles on the clock.

  • Second hand?

    Bargains are still to be had and the Taurus engine can seemingly last for ever with proper attention. Although Ford Taurus SHOs are very durable it needs to be said that older models need to be inspected thoroughly for signs of wear. Clutches are the main component likely to be in need of serious repair.

  • Main Details

    • Model Years - 1989 - 1999
    • Production Years - 1988 - 1999
  • Generations

    • First Generation - 1989 - 1991
    • Second Generation - 1992 - 1995
    • Third Generation - 1996 - 1999
  • Name

    SHO=Super High Output

    Due to the Yamaha designed and built V6 the SHO has also been described in some circles as the SHOgun

  • Taurus vs SHO

    Facing slumping sales and poor customer satisfaction, in 2005, Ford replaced the Taurus completely in commercial markets with the Ford Five Hundred. The main difference to realise about the 1989-1995 SHO is that it comes with that 220HP 24 valve DOHC V-6 made by Yamaha. It also has a better handling suspension, better seating and different exterior trim. The regular Taurus and the SHO are very different.