Ford Focus

2005 Ford Focus

Ford Focus

  • Overview

    The Ford Focus has received a somewhat mixed reception from Review Centre reviewers.

    There have been concerns from some about handling in all weather as well as some major mechanical and electrical malfunctions reported.

    However this contrasts with the majority of reviews appearing to find near complete satisfaction with the road holding excellent and performance impressive - especially towards higher speeds.

    This praise is supported by the wider industry view that the Ford Focus is among the better buys on the market in the family category.

  • History and Sales

    Recommendations for the Ford Focus have been made regularly by the critics since it was launched in 1998. Its styling, interior, Zetec engines and handling have all received excellent feedback.

    This feedback has been backed up by the buying public too. Soon after launch the Focus shot straight to the top of the UK best-sellers charts and stayed there on off for several years. With a varied range on offer 12,000 were soon being sold new each month before going on to shift millions.

    Many regard the Ford Focus as the most stylish driving experience in the family hatchback range.
    Fords Zetec engines, too, are on the whole, regarded as reliable. The body is solid and the gearbox and suspension are classy for a family car in this category. Equally impressive for many has been its 41.5mpg on the combined cycle.

    The original Ford Focus range made a name for itself among economy cars for its style, superior driving experience and roomy interior but newer models attracted similar praise.

    This years model released in January was voted Car of the Year by Auto Express magazine. The Focus won the Auto Express best compact family car category as well as the torize: Supreme Champion.

  • Review said: This is a car into which you can load the family and still enjoy such mundane trips as the supermarket run. Its little wonder that waiting lists formed at launch time and that most versions are still in strong demand. Whichever body style you opt for, the Focus is a stylish car with excellent engines and road manners and a well laid-out interior that provides plenty of room for a family.
    The Focus is, quite simply, the best family hatchback on the used market if you take into account the huge dealer network, affordable part prices and the vast choice offered at sensible prices.

    Sales and Spec

    After six years and over four million sales worldwide, the Focus remains one of Europes top-selling cars, topping the sales charts in the UK for over 50 months as Britains best seller.

    Focus for many is a name synonymous with class. The next generation model the new Ford Focus ST is out in October this year so we await some incisive reviews from our army of reviewers. The Ford marketeers promise the new Focus will deliver more than before. The standard spec on the ST includes a 2.5-litre Duratec five-cylinder 20-valve turbocharged engine, 225PS at 6,100rpm and 320Nm of torque at 1,600rpm, 18in alloy wheels, three-spoke leather-clad steering wheel, ST body styling, large rear spoiler, Recaro sports seats, black headliner, submarine lighting, six-speed close-ratio gearbox, hi tech instrument pod with turbo boost pressure, oil temperature and pressure dials, all as standard.

  • 2005 Ford Focus vital statistics

    • Engine capacity: 1,999 cc.
    • Fuel Unleaded.
      Mpg 32.
    • Tank Size - 14.1 gallon main.
    • Size Five door hatchback:
    • Length: 4,342 mm (13ft 6in).
    • Width: 1,840 mm (6ft 1in).
    • Height: 1,447 mm (4ft 9in).