BMW 3 Series Coupe

One of the most popular models of the world leading luxury BMW 3 Series this superb 3.0-litre coupe creates equal amounts of passion from owners as it does envy with non owners. This classic European coupe is difficult beat.

Appearing on the scene in 2000 the straight-six-cylinder design was combined with added dimensions in power and pull while the up-to-date 2006 330Ci made a similar impact with its striking body surface and choice of extras including optional ultra trendy iPod Seamless Integrated System.

The standard Harman Kardon audio system also provides a soundtrack to what many reviewers have described as the drive of their lifetime.

Other typical treats to expect from the 330Ci include a Euro-average mpg of 31.0, 17in alloys, chromed exhaust tailpipes, titanium coloured headlights and air-scoop.

BMW 330Ci Coupe

  • Reviews

    The word on the street is this car handles superbly, is comfortable with lots of room plus all the extras you hope to find with an upper end BMW.

    "Spectacular", "A great car" and "This is one of the finest engineered vehicles that I have ever driven" are typical Review Centre reviews.

    Professional car observers are equal with the praise. What Car? said on release: "This is a supremely relaxing car to drive but the real beauty of it is the way it responds to your moods. As well as being a superb cruiser it's pretty damn quick when you want. Overtaking power is breathtaking.

    "The 330i has lost none of the 3 Series qualities. The fine ride and refinement mean that it hides its speed well while the engine is perfectly smooth."

    The 3 series is the most popular in the BMW range and there is no doubt the 330Ci Coupe is among the most desirable. The latest figures reveal there is no sign of things changing in that direction either as BMW is experiencing a 23 per cent year on increase in sales mainly on the back of the 3 series. The 3 Series accounts for a whopping 40 percent of all BMW sales worldwide.

    [P:id=:cl=western]Many industry observers say this is due largely to consumers' needs for hi tech specification. With the 3 Series Coupe BMW you get a high-tech brand which provides these needs.

    Vital Statistics

    • Insurance Group: 17

    • Performance: top speed, 155 mph; 0 - 62 mph, 6.5 seconds.

    • Fuel Consumption: 31 mpg

    • Standard Safety features includes: twin front airbags, twin front side airbags, twin its side window airbags, central locking, abs.

    • Length, 4488 mm. Width, 1757 mm. Height, 1369 mm.