Honda CRX

The Honda CRX is a two seat coupe with a hard top which was produced as an extension of the Honda Civic range. Review Centre reviewers have been overwhelming bowled over by the V-Tec version, confirming Hondas tidy reputation in the sports car bracket.

Honda CRX SiR V-Tec

Honda CRX

  • History and Specification

    The Mk 1 Honda Civic CR-X was first produced in 1983 as a lightweight sport hatchback but came into its own right after a few modifications.

    The sports V-Tec version was added with a powerful 1.6-litre variable valve timing engine which as our reviewers testify is a wonderful thing to hear when it is in full song. Bodywork was of the strictly two plus two type with very little room for passengers in the rear.

    The Honda CR-X was originally launched as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X in Japan and the first generation CR-X was sold in some places as the Honda Civic CR-X. The CR-X is reported to mean: Civic Renaissance-Experimental.

    Redesigned in 1988 through 1991, the Mk2 CR-X was high performance, good handling, and surprisingly good fuel economy some models could reliably achieve better than 50 miles per gallon. In 1992 Honda offered the CRX as a two-door Targa bodystyle with the option of electric roof.

    The CR-X was the second car to receive a Honda VTEC engine after the Honda Integra. The original VTEC technology was based around a smaller and more efficient engine. The ability of the VTEC engines to develop higher rpm allowed Honda to deliver them with transmissions having lower gearing which serves to increase acceleration. Having VTEC means the engine needs to be run at high rpm to develop maximum power. This requires the constant attention of drivers to keep the power in the optimal rpm for higher speeds. So basically this is a car for people who enjoy a handling challenge and the benefits, as our reviewers testify, can be huge in terms of rewards. CRX production ended in 1997 but not before it established a solid reputation.

  • Reviews

    This affordable and reliable sports coupe proved very popular with the latter V-Tecs being especially sought after - particularly models with electric roof. The classier models may well become collectors items if they are well maintained.

    Our reviewers also report superb handling and reliability, all features backed up by industry commentators who tend to regard the Honda range as among the most reliable in both standard and higher performance categories. were among those offering good reviews for this neat vehicle:

    A great affordable and very reliable sports coupe.

  • Second Market

    Second hand purchasers have to be weary of heavy use with the V-Tec and be on the look out for signs of rallying as its mighty acceleration made it popular for this purpose. Insisting on a full service history is recommended.