BMW 5 Series 540i v8

BMW 540i V8 have been produced as part of the legendary 5 series BMWs, the class of BMW, many feel sets the standard for engine, build quality and all round luxury driving.

The BMW 5 Series 540i V8 is not just a much loved vehicle some think it is one of the best cars ever produced. Classic models were produced between 1993 and 2003 and are known generally as elegantly and well constructed vehicles.

If you see older models for sale they are likely to be either third generation 5 series E34s (1989-1996) or fourth generation 5 Series E39s (1996-2003). Both versions are considered extremely reliable and offer a very stylish drive but can still be found for reasonable prices second hand.

The BMW 540i V8 is usually capable of zero to 62mph in 6.2 seconds and can manage a top speed of 155mph. In 2004 the 540i V8 was relaunched with an engine capable of providing 306hp and 390Nm of torque.

Bmw 5 Series 540i V8

  • Did You Know?

    The 5 series body was styled by Marcello Gandini in the 70s who also created the classic Fiat 132 and the glamourous Alfa Romeo Alfetta.

  • Spec and Features

    5 series v8

    BMW 5 Series 540i V8 is a beautiful looking car with a powerful and smooth working V8 engine, automatic gearbox and good levels of standard and safety equipment. The 540i V8 offers a superb 282 hp and was available initially as a five-speed automatic transmission but later as six speed manual as well. Motorsport tuned suspension with 17 in wheels and tires available with later models.

    The Fourth Generation V8 540i models from 1997 offered 190 hp and five gears either manual or automatic. But the 540i had the full 282 hp either five-speed manual or six-speed manual transmission. An upgrade to 4.4 litres also came along although the name remained the same. The six-speed included the Sports package.

    Side curtain airbags became standard equipment on all 1998 models and the sport suspension and wheels became offered on the automatic-equipped 540i. The 540i V8 also got variable valve timing and 290 hp. Standard with all 5 Series is climate and cruise, traction control and six airbags.

    Soft leather with walnut panels applied to dash and door panels. Power front seats with 10 way adjustments standard, power tilt-and-telescope steering column, power windows, mirrors, locks. Other features include automatic climate control. The standard audio system has twelve speakers.

  • Reviews

    Over 20 consumer reviews in an at Review Centre so far for the BMW 5 Series 540i V8 and almost a 100 per cent recommended rating.

    Drivers love this car. Its one of the ultimate smooth driving machines, according to reviewers at Review Centre. Engine, comfort and overall build quality is absolutely top rate.

    What more can you say?

    Well, it also packs power and acceleration in abundance.

    One reviewer calls it the torquemeister.

    Reviewers typical buzzwords are: luxury, sophistication, power, style and refinement. The BMW 5 Series 540i V8 appears to be the sort of vehicle that you either own or dream about owning.

  • 1997 spec 4.4 Litre Engine Model Basic Specification

    • Horsepower - 282
    • Torque (lb-ft) - 310
    • Transmission - 5-speed auto
    • Curb Weight - 3803 lbs
    • Fuel Capacity - 18.5 gal
    • Fuel - Unleaded premium
    • Brakes - Vented disc
    • MPG - 24
    • 0 to 60 mph - 6.6 sec