Very poor Standards.

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Guest's review of Eddie Wright Car Supermarket, Scunthorpe, Humberside


“Very poor Standards.”

Written on: 06/10/2018

I find myself having to write this due to the time and effort spent resolving a problem (that I will come to later) that this company caused, and even after ringing them to try and get the issue sorted, and being promised a call back from the lady who runs the site.
I wish I could remember her name as if she is the Boss ,Site Manager and if she cannot be bothered to return my call, what hope is there.
I was not going to bother with the first part of the story in this review, after my aborted visit, but given what happened next I think that all should be made clear to anyone who reads this. I also feel that as you use the phrase below to describe yourselves to others, I think I need to have my say.

Where you will find Honesty, Trust & Impeccable Standards

I had originally seen a car they where selling on line and spoke with a young saleman on two occasions regarding its condition. It was checked and verified when I rang back being told that it was in very good condition. This was very important as I had to travel with a friend in his car for two hours (£30 in petrol) to view it and give me the option to drive it home. On the strength of his answers I also arrange a cover note from my broker at a cost of £25 to enable me to bring it back. None of this would have happened if I had been given a true and accurate description of the cars condition in the first place.
Having arrived after 5pm the car was waiting for me. The outside body work was in excellent condition, however the inside was a mess, and only took a few minutes to realise that my time had been wasted, as it was not as described. i.e. in very good condition.
Every door panel inside was marked, and one had a tear. The centre console was heavily scratched, as was the centre of the steering wheel!! The mats where missing (told that they had been thrown away as they where soiled) and the spare wheel cover which is normally a flat compact carpet material, looked like it had been scrubbed hard due to a spillage, and had the look of a fluffy jumper. Even the plastic sections that the boot cover attachers to were heavily marked. Lastly the rear view mirror had a chunk taken out the bottom edge that you would look at every few minutes when driving. If the previous owner allowed that to happen inside, what else was I missing?
Not a car worthy of a price tag of £14500. To me it looked like a dog had often been locked inside and had run wild waiting for the owner to return, and maybe could not wait for a call of nature!

I was also at the time of viewing told by a different and much older salesman that it had been Taxed ready for me to drive away. I asked why and got the answer that the post office closers at 5 and would not have been possible to tax it for me to take away. They where that sure I would buy it.
The salesman said he had over 15 years experience of selling cars and must know that a car can be taxed on line 24/7. Others could well be fooled by his helpfulness. He will no doubt deny this but I have checked online and the records show it as taxed on the day of my visit.

So 5 hours of time, and £55 wasted I go home with nothing.

So 5 weeks later having purchased a car from another dealer I receive from the DVLA my V5C for my new car. WRONG. What I receive is a V5C for the car I viewed at Eddie Wrights car lot in Scunthorpe, but never purchased, that now has me down as the new Registered keeper! Please explain to me how having given them no money, my name and address are passed on to the DVLA saying that I acquired the vehicle, when the vehicle is still on their car lot? Were they so convinced that I was going to buy it they did the paper work before I arrived. Maybe they were happy to be getting shut of it?
I am now responsible for any traffic offence that is committed by anyone test driving that car!!

At the time I received the V5C I had no idea how my name could be on it. I had to go back through any notes I still had on cars I had seen and maybe test driven for clues. More wasted time.
Finally Eddie Wrights of Scunthorpe site was checked, and there it was, the car that had costed me so much time and effort was still doing the same. Not a surprise its still up for sale, but just as well it was as I now had the answer I needed.
So even though I am angry that I still have to sort out their mess so I ring them, give the lady on reception the details and get a promise of the call back to sort it out.As I have said that did not happen. I feel sure that they will give an excuse why it did not happen. Never got the message, busy showroom, someone never passed it on, dog ate the note......, but the bottom line it can only be discribed sloppy.
Look it up, it means ; Careless Slapdash Disorganized Haphazard.

I am 64 years old and I have never ever heard of anyone receive a V5C or log book in all my years for a car they did not buy. What would they tell someone that finally buys the car when there is no V5C to fill in??
I have now spent EVEN MORE TIME writing to the DVLA with all the details and asking them to remove me from the registered keeper list and exonerate me from any traffic offence this car may be involved in by anyone that test drives it.
I have just received a letter back from them to that effect, which I have to use if anything happens before another name appears on the V5C. Given that it is still for sale at the same price and the same condition when I saw it, it could be along time.

All this has taken over 3 months to get to this point and lots of work, as anyone reading this will clearly see and understand.
So enjoy the review Eddie Wrights and learn that whereby you may get good reviews, but not everyone will accept being messed about.
Its how you handle the problems that defines a good company from a poor one, and the slogan you use of Honesty, Trust and Impeccable Standards needs to be rewritten,as I have not seen any of that.

One last thing. I have not said which car I hold the V5C document for. That is for you to find out.
You only have a few hundred cars to check. Waste some of your own time sorting this out. You have not been put to any trouble, whereby I have been put to lots. Any remarks you write for this review come too late, you had your opportunity to resolve it when I rang you but you blow it. Any reply will only be there to hopefully justify to others reading this that you are a good company.

And don't ask me to ring you if you reply. When you find out which car I speak of you will have my details you took at the time. YOU should ring me.
Let other buyers decide who is wrong and if I have made this up.
The only good to come from this is I never gave them any money, as looking at other reviews I could well have to travel to them again to have things resolved.

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