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“untrustworthy, unreliable, unsatisfactory, do not use!”

Written on: 21/12/2016 by mycoolrose (2 reviews written)

false pretenses, not able to carry out repairs to Chrysler Grand Voyager

i made an online search back at the end of October to find garage able to carry out a service on my Chrysler Grand Voyager and Service 4 Service came up. I spoke to them and was assured that they could carry out a full service and mot as required. I needed this as I am going to Italy next week on the 13th December. Booking in at the end of October I thought this gave me plenty of leeway. Service4Service then advised me that I needed brake pads all round, some suspension works and a new brake pipe and the total bill came to some £1250. I paid and they returned the car however when I went to use the car later the automatic gearbox had gone into limp mode. In this mode only 2nd gear, neutral and reverse is available, I informed them of this and also the fact that the new brake pipe they had fitted was leaking and they came and collected the vehicle. After a few days they told me that gearbox solenoid pack was faulty and advised me that the repair costs would come to £1450 plus vat. I was concerned at the added cost of this but because I needed the car which was booked on ferries and due to go down to Italy, actually across to Sardinia and time was running out I asked them to go ahead. I was told that the part had to be ordered in and would be about five days to supply. Then I got an email asking me to pay £700 up front, having just paid them £1250 for the service I did not understand this request and so I phoned them up to discuss it, It took a number of phone calls and about 3 days before anyone came back to me and they advised me that the solenoid pack may not cure the gearbox problem. I asked to speak to a manager and also requested a breakdown of costs and precisely what the fault code/s showing on the diagnostic systems were. another few days went by, and i am now into the second week before some one came back to me. I asked them how the job was progressing as I was quickly running out of time and what was the fault code? I was told that there was no code just a gearbox error. Again I was told that the solenoid pack may not be the only fault and that its replacement would not necessarily cure the problem. I had told then earlier that the gearbox worked very well in "limp" mode and that it was unlikely to be the actual problem more likely the solenoid pack they had diagnosed or even more likely an electrical fault, after all it only failed after they had worked on the vehicle. I then asked how soon was the work going to be carried out and then was informed that after getting the go ahead nearly three weeks ago now they had not even ordered the part. The were obviously worried that this part and the £1450 plus vat bill was not going to cure my car and expressing my severe dissatisfaction [no swearing] they offered to return it back to me. I gladly accepted this and I ordered the spare part at a cost of £200 from an importer up north. It arrived in the post next day and I spent a couple of days both online and under the bonnet and replaced it myself. Guess what it did NOT cure the fault. Again I went back online and this time I bought a diagnostic computer. This told me that there was a fault code, P0888 and that this was a possible relay error, Looking through the various Chrysler information sites I was able to identify the relay and swapping it with an adjacent same type relay I tested the vehicle, Hooray it actually cured the problem and I now have a working car. I am a freelance Air conditioning engineer and had needed a vehicle during the time i was without mine and i spent over £660 pounds in car hire costs, £200 on an unnecessary solenoid pack, a further £160 pounds on diagnostic equipment and many days worrying about how I was going to get my car onto the booked ferries down to Italy. I was a better car mechanic than Service4Service, do yourself a favour and avoid them like the plague, when they told me there was no fault code they had either not actually put a diagnostic computer on the vehicle or they had simply made a guess at the fault, either way i felt they had not told me the truth. They do not know what they are doing and could cost you a lot of money, better to go to the slightly more expensive Dealers who at least will know their own vehicles. Do not use Service4Service they are rubbish!
I could tell you a lot more about the terrible waste of time and money but I think you probably get the gist of it.

Update: 5 January 2017

On the 28^th October I searched online for a Chrysler service garage in

the Kingston area and the search returned Service4service.

The banner read “Chrysler service in Kingston upon Thames” it went on to

state “all services are carried out by qualified technicians using

Chrysler diagnostics/computer equipment” their technicians carry out

extensive health checks giving me peace of mind.

Service lights will be reset. Their advert goes on to say “Leave service

4 service to look after your Chrysler!”

There is much more on their web page stating how they can look after my

Chrysler, well they could not look after it, they either did not have

the correct Diagnostic equipment as claimed or they did not know how to

use it.

In my opinion, based on my experience, they were both totally incompetent, unable to

give a correct diagnosis, were prepared to charge me £1498.00 to carry

out a repair that would not have worked, a faulty diagnosis that

unfortunately I accepted and acted upon which led to me spending an

unnecessary £200.00 on a new solenoid pack only to find it was not the


This led me to purchase my own Diagnostic computer online at a cost of

£168.00 and when used promptly returned a fault code of P0888, this code

points to a faulty solenoid actuator relay which when changed promptly

put the gearbox back into full working order.

On top of all this I had to hire a replacement vehicle at a cost of £660

during the time my vehicle was off the road and finally the actual

replacement relay was purchased for £8.00 off the internet! Yes just

£8.00 to repair my vehicle not the £1498 they were preparing to charge

me without guarantying the repair would work and probably given the

opportunity they would have attempted to change the gearbox all together.

It did cost me in excess of £1000.00, days of worry, my own labour to

repair and you ask me if I want to continue with this revue? I must

certainly do and I am very seriously considering taking them to court

for misrepresentation and costs for their failure to carry out the

diagnosis correctly and as advised and advertised in their web page.

Again I remind you that they were asked for by phone and by email for

the diagnostic fault codes and they stated to me that there was no code

only a “gearbox error”. Whilst they had the car in for service they also

failed to re-set the service lights as stated in their advert, they did

not wash the vehicle as promised, and when they did originally return

the vehicle with it’s new MOT its brakes were still faulty!

P.S. I did manage to drive over a thousand miles each way down to Bosa

in Sardinia and back in this vehicle after MY repairs.

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Ojamedai's Response to mycoolrose's Review

Written on: 18/05/2017

I notice that an awful lot of the reviews they have placed on here are written by the same person. They contain the same word structure, same spelling errors and so on. Your review has been very helpful in helping me make up my mind. Thank you.

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