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D.Shelley's review of Service4Service Ltd - www.service4service.co.uk


“avoid like the plague!!”

Written on: 07/08/2015 by D.Shelley (1 review written)

This company is absolutely useless when it comes to anything more then a
basic service, the customer care is absolutely horrendous.

At the beginning of July booked my car in to have a intermittent
acceleration problem. Started off ok and obviously because it is a
intermittent problem i already knew i was going to be a bit of a pain
and a case of trial and error and i accepted that.

But and a big but service4service thought it was ok to put a part
(£300 boster sensor) that didn't rectify the problem not even in the
slightest, then they actually had the audacity to refuse a refund and
replace back to the original part.

This is absolute standard practice with any company offering a
service/ goods. The hole point of trial and error is that you try
something if it dont work return and refund, think thats pretty much
common knowledge now, I certainly haven't got money to throw at parts i
dont need.

Obviously as soon as i noticed it playing up with the new part in i
called first thing the next day to report this and to discuss what
action to take next.

Instead of "oh im sorry about that we will have that sorted out for
you straight away" i was told im wrong and thats not how they work.

Obviously after having made the situation as bad as they possibly
can, having no skills to talk about/deal with my problem after taking
£300 and refusing to take my car back for the original part to be
replaced plus a refund, they are then totally shocked and cant
understand after pushing every button why im being hostile towards them.

I was completely gob smacked that they still had no clue what the issue was why was i so upset.

I then tryed to calmly explain AGAIN that this part done absolutely
nothing and i wanted the new part taken out and then refunded.

Also that was very frustrating was when i was trying to talk and
explain they constantly talked over me, The MD (who attempted to take
control from the 3rd week ish) was particularly bad for this.

In the end i got totally fed up of being talked over, spoken to like an idiot like i didn't kno what i was talking about.

I then was obviously starting to loose my cool with the incompetence
of this company told them out right." i am the customer and you will
take back ur unnecessary part and you will refund me. To really drive
home i wasn't going to play their games anymore i had to threaten them
with trading standards.

I also told them they will leave me no choice but to go to my credit card company to get my money back.

After this (which was two weeks later from when i first reported it)
they finally agreed to take my car in on the following monday to take
back the unnecessary part.

So took the car in the following monday but that they messed that up
too, It was actually booked in for Monday after! More annoyance and
wasted time.

So a week later Monday 3rd bare in mind the part was fitted on July
10th and reported on the 11th they hadn't really done a bad job at
stringing this out and making it as painful as possible, the original
part was fitted back in my car finally!

You'd think it would've all been done and dusted, Wrong called the
following day just to make sure that my refind was being processed, was
it? Of corse it wasn't.

Was then told the same excuse i was been told for pretty much a hole month, someone will call you shortly to take card details.

So i waited and nothing, Next day i call again same excuses same boring game of rubbish excuses.

Finally Thursday 6th of August im called for my card details for my refund at long last.

Oh one more thing they also had the audacity to demand me to take this review down for me to receive a refund!

I obviously laugh this, told them they must be kidding and promptly
reminded them that im one email and one postage stamp away from
reporting them.

I have to say iv never ever been so annoyed and wound up with such a incompetents in all my life.

To be honest im quite amazed i actually got my money back and kept to fairly carm level.

They are so hell bent in telling me how wrong i was, how i dont kno
how it works, trying to divert my attention by saying "lets just get the
car back in and try a few more things" err no! you've cond me out of
£300 i have absolutely no trust in you why on earth will i give you back
my car to rack up a bigger bill.

I will let everyone know exactly how ridiculous service4service has
been. Yeah i can imagine all the very basic stuff where nothing can go
wrong like servicing aka oil and filter change they have had good feed

If you hit any difficulties any thing thats more then this prepare
for all your buttons to be pushed and a month of rubbish excuses and
complete hell getting your money back, which a month on i still hadn't
received from reporting.

A few friends and family have been witness of some of the calls to
and from service4service and are also in complete shock that in 2015
customers can be treated so appallingly.

Myself friends and family will never use this company and will warn as many others not to use also.

The stress and the inconvenience corsed is beyond a joke!

P.s Please don't believe any statement from them that they service any of the London met police vehicles.

I was told a many of times, how good they are so good they do the serving for the London met.

This is completely untrue and i have the FOI thats proves it.


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