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“Very poor service”


written by PaulGN on 20/02/2024

I booked my car in for an oil and filter change at Kwik Fit Lisburn. My amber engine management light had come on a few days before and I asked my mechanic to have a look at the car. After putting the car on the diagnostics machine he recommended a) The oil to be changed as it was a little gloopy and a new filter and b) A sensor in the exhaust was faulty and needed replaced as it was causing the car to stall every now and again and it was the reason the engine management light was on. My mechanic was happy to do both jobs for me and advised neither were extremely urgent but I had to wait two weeks for him. Due to the fact that he had mentioned the oil and the filter I preferred to get that part completed asap and Kwik Fit had an immediate slot available so I grabbed it. I booked online which meant paying in full the day before and I called Lisburn before paying to make absolutely sure they would have the filter in stock as it meant closing my business for the time it took to complete the job. Everything was agreed and I attended the appointment ahead of time with my 3 year old son. On arrival I met with the manager who I knew straight away didn't really want me to be there based on his horrible attitude. I attempted to lighten the mood by entering into conversation about the car and how busy mechanics were these days but his mood did not change. I expressed how happy I was that I could get an appointment at such short notice and I mentioned how relieved I would be to get one of the two jobs I needed completed so quickly. I went on to explain what my mechanic had advised and he took great pleasure in immediately refusing to touch my car based on "Kwik Fit policy." This policy, that still remains a mystery to me, states that if your car has an engine fault they cannot work on your car at all. I asked for a copy of the policy to be told it "isn't written down anywhere." I said I would sign a disclaimer which I was told wasn't an option. I explained about the sensor being the reason for the engine management light being on but that explanation wasn't accepted. Long story short after the manager basically abused me for thirty minutes he then threw me out of his garage and I was stuck in Lisburn without the money I had paid to Kwik Fit and no repair. I contacted customer services who did seem to be taking me seriously at first but then just referred me to an area manager who said he was fully aware of the Lisburn managers poor communication skills and inability to deal with customers but he was correct to not fix the car. In the meantime I had called all ten Kwik Fits in Northern Ireland and explained that my engine management light was on, my car was stalling and my oil and filter needed changed and seven of the ten were happy to book me in straight away as it seems they are also completely unaware of this "policy." I asked the area manager for a copy of the policy but he could not produce it either. I told the area manager that seven of the ten branches would complete the repair and he didn't seem too concerned. I explained that when booking online there are no questions asked about issues with your car but this was brushed aside. In a nutshell I will never ever ever go back to Kwik fit for anything and I wont be recommending anyone ever does either.

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