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“Worst service ever”

Written on: 13/01/2021 by Claughton1 (1 review written)

Really disappointed with my service from auto glass. On Boxing Day 2020 my back windscreen was smashed by vandals and left exposed to the elements. I own a range rover so as you can imagine the inside being exposed to the elements was a real worry for water damage to the leather and electrics. I taped up the back windscreen to the best of my ability and rang auto glass to be told I had to wait 10 days for a replacement. When I am unable to put the car into the garage and we where facing horrendous rain at the time I was not impressed. I explained that there has been a lot of break ins etc happening with in my area and was worried that leaving the car outside would be asking for trouble and also the worry of it not being watertight. There was nothing anyone could do and they where not helpful at all. When I was speaking to auto glass they person I spoke to had no idea what glass to order for me, he put us on hold 3 times to speak to the parts department to know which glass to order. My husband very clearly stated what glass we required and how it had a rubber seal around the whole outer edge of the glass. I had a bad feeling it was going to be incorrect but was assured the correct glass had been ordered. 10 days later the engineer arrives to fix the windscreen. He removed any remaining glass which left it even more exposed and then realised the glass that had been ordered was incorrect. He spoke to customer services and advised there was nothing he could do at that point, more glass would be ordered and they would be out in another 10 days. I was absolutely fuming. We checked multiple times with the person who ordered the glass that it was correct and where assured it was. The engineer applied a plastic like cover over the back windscreen and said I could drive it and it would be water tight until the new glass arrived 10 days later. I needed my car for work so went that evening up to where I work, I was told not to drive over 50mph so I stuck to 30-40mph. When I arrived at work I realised part of the plastic shield that had been applied was flapping off and exposing the inside to the elements. Not the best start when it had been put on an hour before. I fixed the issue myself with tape. A few days later, I woke up to realise someone had been through my car again! Because the plastic shield they applied was flimsy and easily breakable someone had literally pushed it through and rifled through my car. Luckily I don’t keep anything in my car so nothing could be stolen but the thought of someone yet again going through my car was really upsetting. Especially because I was already very annoyed with auto glass that I’d been left for 20 days with no back windscreen. It’s clearly asking for trouble and inviting thieves to break in as it’s so easy for it to be broken into. I rang auto glass to advise them of this and said how upset and disappointed I was, I worked hard and saved for a long time for my car to then have this happen, the second break in blatantly happening because it was so easily accessible. The woman I spoke to said she couldn’t get me in anywhere before my appointment and would email the mobile service to contact me and try and get a cancellation or some sort of emergency call out due to the situation. I haven’t even had a reply! And that’s with me ringing again and chasing them up! Yet again I’ve had to tape up the back again myself and hope that in the time it takes for them to finally come out it won’t be broken into again and when they do eventually arrive they’ll have the right glass. I will never ever use auto glass again, the customer service has been appalling and I’ve been left with a car exposed to the elements which I’ve had to try and fix myself and my car being broken into again.

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