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Asked by c.mccolm on 8th October 2014 Report this content
I am a little skeptical about anything regarding money online. Can anyone please put my mind at ease with Creditplus? I am looming for car finance but after reading some reviews etc I am only waiting on the catch now. Thank you

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Answers (8)
Report this content Way2Dru Written on: 08/10/2014
I have used them two months ago - They have been helpful, efficient and the money side has been exactly what it says on the tin. Points to consider: 1. As soon as you sign the docs, the finance agreement starts and you wont have the car for 2 weeks whilst they buy it, check it, valet it. 2. I checked the car over on the day and was really really pleased with it, I had no reason to want to refuse the vehicle, but I am curious what would happen if I had not thought it was the required standard (worth asking them!) I can understand your concerns with effectively having a broker find your car on your behalf and getting it without seeing it first, but I had a real result on mine and I am really happy with the vehicle and the after-care. Hope that helps you!! 
Report this content Laurotec Written on: 08/10/2014
I was very pleased with the service from Credit Plus. My Agent, Ash Martin, made everything easy and the finance was processed smoothly and quickly. He was very helpful and very professional which gave me with confidence to use Credit Plus – I had looked at other lenders. I can only say that he is a credit to Credit Plus. The answers to my questions were answered immediately – whether I contacted him by phone or email. He explained everything in detail and took a lot of the hassle out of having to deal with the Seller – Macklin Motors. I have absolutely no complaints with Credit Plus and am more than happy to recommend them.
Report this content Thestig040981 Written on: 08/10/2014
I have had 2 cars now off credit plus and I would recommend them. You apply which is very simply, talk to a friendly person online which you tell them what your after and they do all the leg work. You can view your car or just get it delivered to you. For me they saved my bacon, after finding a car I was due to collect it on the Friday, on the Thursday they rang me and said they were not happy with the car as it had been involved in a accident and didn't really want me to have it. I don't know anyone that would do that. They then found me a car which was newer and better flex for the same money but was a different colour. They arranged finance, they took my old car in part ex and I paid an extra bit for the deposit. They delivered the car a week later with no hassle. I did notice I paid an extra £500 on what the car was advertised at the garage credit plus had it from but I didn't mind as I didn't lift a finger. This was perfect for me as I work £70+ hours a week. The payments go out on the same date every month so it's simple and easy. If you have a printer at home they can even send the paperwork via email and use PDF to print it you sign then scan it and email back or post it.
Report this content Kettymomoh Written on: 08/10/2014
I had my car finance arranged with credit plus 18 months ago and have had no issues whatsoever. I picked up my car from the Audi dealership after a few days and Thankful to say I've not had any issues since. All the documents were faxed to them before hand and I paid my deposit direct to the dealership and was then given a collection date.
Report this content PMC7 Written on: 08/10/2014
Honestly, don't worry - there's no catch. And the fact that you're buying online offers you even more protection than if you were to buy from a dealer at a forecourt. The company are very efficient and easy to deal with. I'd highly recommend them. I got my car delivered to my door within about a week of applying.
Report this content c.mccolm Written on: 08/10/2014
Thank you for your replies. Have definitely helped.
Report this content Barba2 Written on: 08/10/2014
I had a positive experience with creditplus and would use them again. I bought a second hand car through them. There was a disagreement about a charge that I had not been told about, and since they record all conversations they were able to go back and verify that in fact I had not been told of the charge and they waived the fee. They will go and find the car you want, service it and warranty it for 6 months; there was a problem with the heating in the car I bought, and that was fixed under warranty with little hassle. As far as I can tell the finance is competitive too, if you compare with showroom car dealers.
Report this content sschandoo Written on: 09/10/2014
I was also very pleased with the advice and assistance given to me by CreditPlus. They were very easy to deal with and managed the entire process. Their search revealed a fair number of choices for me. The only downside was the constant delay from the VW garage but despite their failure CreditPlus took erythema in their stride and provided reassurance when I needed it.
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