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Malonett447's review of 1st Central Car Insurance -


“Painful experience, left out of pocket. Sharp Practice.”

Written on: 15/12/2019 by Malonett447 (1 review written)

I found 1st Central Insurance to be the cheapest option during my annual search for renewal of motor insurance. I'd never heard of them, but their reviews looked good.

I purchased a motor policy and then the pain started...

Having purchased the policy a month in advance, they waited until it was live before sending me an email saying something wasn't right with the information I had provided. At their request, I sent them photos of the front and back of my Driving Licence, then further proof of NCB. After that, they asked for a DVLA check code, which I also provided promptly.

The next day, I received yet another email accusing me of providing inaccurate information on the date the Driving Licence was issued. The DL start date on their quote system matched the anniversary (day and month) the policy was purchased, not the DVLA issue date. This was because I had not entered a date, but selected "20 years or more" from a drop-down list on the website.

They now want an additional £61, including a £50 admin fee, or they will cancel my insurance. Not good at Christmas time.

Tried to cancel the policy, as it was well inside the 14 day cooling off period since the policy became active. No problem they said, that'll cost you £102.

Absolute swindle, never again.

Update: Policy cancelled. Cost me a packet, but worth it to end my relationship with them. I've just purchased a new policy that cost £10 less and comes with £30 cashback. That takes the sting out their "penalty charges" somewhat.

Update #2: They have now charged me an additional £40 for a change to the policy, which they say happened at the same time the policy was cancelled. I have tried to reason with them, but they don't think it's unusual that I would authorise a payment for a change of policy details at the same time as I cancelled the policy.

Caveat emptor!

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Ferkemall's Comment

Written on: 22/01/2020

OH you to , i had much the same one & a half days in i could see where this was going after doing some research and cancelled they have an Irish rep who kept laughing at me as i wa sgiving my reasns for cancelling then after a long time he says oh you want to cancell do you ,i ask for an conformation email to that effect he says that will be with you inside of 5 minuets ,the result of that was one email with a polict number and another telling me about their security checks NO CONFORMATION EMAIL ,i report them to C0MPARE THE MARKET.COM & TRUST PILOT = then get an email from 1ST CENTRAL saying they sent me the email on the 17/1/20 saying details about the refund including the £170.93 refund out of the £224 i paid them the day before ,an admin charge of appx £53

Their rep said the refund would take 10 days but 1st Central pr dept says 5 days and i never got the email anyway , when dealing with copanies ALWAYS FILE ANT COMMUNICATIONS YOU HAVE WITH THE COMPANY and or any other companies im going to wait to see id i get the refund in the stated time if i dont get it im taking them to the small claims court even if it costs me more than its worth .

As for Compare the Market i sent them emails about this and at first they just waived it on now it appears they say they are going to investigate it i wont be holding my breath on that one because companies like 1ST CENTRAL pay them the referal fee its how they make their money .

Im 70+ and poor i had to buy another car because mine was to expensive to repair so had to scrap it and lost a lot of money the query over my no claims stemmed from selling my car 10 yrs prio and buying an automatic and putting it in my wifes name the insurance company said it would cheaper to put it in my wifes name and me as a named driver the result was i lost 10 yrs no claim thinking i had the 10 yrs after a long phone call to the company they agreed to let me have a good discount so iv gone back to them at a cost though .

1st Central will send you emails just not the ones you have requested like conformation of cancellation they will run you into cancellation charges on top of their £53 ADIM CHARGE then they will put it in the hands of the bailiffs to collect even more money we had companies like this in the 1960/70s
you have to wonder how much money this company is making out of all of these charges along with incresed premiums !

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Ferkemall's Comment

Written on: 22/01/2020

despite not getting the conformation email i checked with my credit card account and they said that £170.93p had been refunded to my account

it would have been a lot easier if 1stCentral had just sent the email in the first place as for the £53 admin charge i will just have to eat that one
judging by the other reviews i seem to gotton away lighly !

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