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written by Simpsonge326 on 28/06/2022

I recently rented from Argus / sixt in dublin
Drove the renault clio out of dublin airport and soon realised there was an issue with the steering … it was pulling hard to the left
Onto the freeway and as i accelerated there was violent intermittent steering wheel shake. I managed to get to Mayo and checked in Hotel … next day was a quiet day and no driving . Got in car following day and it was the same … i called sixt and they sent a chap to try to fix it … we tested it. Together on the car park and he could see there was an inbalance … so he took it for a drive … he returned and told me in needed urgent repair and not to drive it any long distance - and i would get a call … he was about to leave and a lady called me .. she told me thw mechanic had suggested it needed minor work - i had heard there entire conversation and minor was not in it !! Mechanic was still there so i asked him again whilst on the phone to sixt and he said it needed urgent repair … she tried to get me to drive it to a garage - i explained that i was on vacation and i needed a rental car available and i was not prepared to drive it - that was her job not mine …!
I agreed to let them take it for repair … they picked it up on a loader and returned it that evening “fixed” it was slightly better but still shaking and it drove like a crab still . My wife was screaming at me to stop and we ended up with a compromised vacation
Finally got this disaster of a car back to dublin and dropped it off .. I told the sixt guy “please do not let this car go out again - it is a danger” his reply was based on what i may have done to it - but when i explained he just said “reault clio - they are rubbish - always the same” not really what i wanted to hear ….
I have been renting holiday vehicles for over 30 years and this was so far the worst ever experience- just want to forget it …
I did fill in the online review but no reply from u on that… i lost 1/2 a day car use and 5 days of danger...rubbish company

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