Avoid like the Coronovirus.

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“Avoid like the Coronovirus.”

Written on: 01/03/2020 by BRIC (2 reviews written)

My story is so similar to others on this forum that I now believe this routine is part of Goldcar/Europcar/Interrent's business model.

This was in Gran Canaria. I returned their car and pointed out certain significant damage that was present when I took the vehicle. I had video and photographic evidence which proved this and the happy, smiling member of staff accepted this and told me that I would get a full refund.
You've already guessed haven't you? Despite what laughing boy told me, they took 300 Euro from my card and when challenged, stated that it was for the aforementioned damage. I tried to engage them in some kind of meaningful dialogue but they were having none of it. My emails went unanswered and I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall. As far as I was concerned Goldcar were now ignoring my appeals. I raised a number of incidents via their website but all were closed and marked 'finalised' when no attempt had been made to resolve the issue. I'm sure that their 'Customer Service' strategy is to delay and frustrate their customers to the point where they get fed up with trying and write off the lost money to experience.

What kind of global company, in 2020, would treat their customers with such contempt? Don't they want repeat custom and recommendations? It beggars belief that Goldcar have so little respect for their honest, respectable customers who have done nothing wrong. It is truly reprehensible corporate behaviour. 

I then took to Twitter.( Got to admit my daughter helped me here). I created an irate, cheated customer persona ( because I was irate and cheated), and was amazed that they replied to me. They do not like to be criticised on social media it would seem, so after a couple of weeks of terse exchanges they agreed to a full refund.
They eventually stated that my money was taken mistakenly due to a 'system error'. I find that explanation difficult to accept given the amount of identical stories, sorry, 'system errors' on this forum.
They dragged their heels but I eventually got my money back.

Why should I or anyone else for that matter, be put through the wringer by this unscrupulous organisation? They need to put their house in order, take a long hard look at the ethics of their practices, sort out their system's errors and treat their valuable customers with the respect they deserve. Without customers Goldcar and Co would not exist.

If there was any justice in the world they would to be prosecuted.
I'd be a witness.

I cannot recommend this company. My advice would be to pay a little more and take your money elsewhere. (There will probably be a shorter queue too)

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Jameswoodard's Response to BRIC's Review

Written on: 03/03/2020

They are obliged to give you a consumer form to fill in for cases of malpractice, overcharging, rudeness or bad service. If they refuse to give you a 'Hoja de Reclamaciones' (pronounced Oka day reklamtheeones) call the local police, who will arrive and insist on pain of prosecution. Your 'Hoja' will be dealt with sympathetically and you will likely get an apology and refund.
I was treated very badly by them, laughed at, told that the faulty handbrake did not matter, would not sign to that effect until they realised that I was speaking Spanish and mentioned the 'Hojas' You may be able to do this from outside Spain and in English... not sure Nil Iligiti Carborundum . JamesOneATMercuryinDOTes

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Johnc_Ireland's Response to BRIC's Review

Written on: 29/09/2020

Use only if you like playing Russian Roulette with your credit card.

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Pk-M's Response to BRIC's Review

Written on: 08/03/2020

interesting - the same has happened to me, €270 fraudulently deducted for fictitious damage. I wish I could speak Spanish!

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