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“When I arrived at the desk in Bucharst , the man...”

Written on: 15/03/2018

When I arrived at the desk in Bucharst , the man assisting me was very abrupt and rude and asked for 162.00 Ron (approx £35.00) for winter tyres.
To my understanding winter tyres are a legal requirement between Nov-March , therefore they should have the rental cars equipped as law imposes.
Another man brought me a car (Dacia Logan) and took photos of it from all angles , front and back, no copies have been given to me.
Outside was already dark (17.50 hrs local time) and I identified few dents on the car only because one car drove by with full lights on and that the car is dirty on the lower part of it.
After driving the car for one day I noticed the gear box gets stuck when I change gears ( I have 20 years driving experience).
I phoned the company and same rude man answered . I explained what is the problem and he refused to have the car inspected or replaced.
I decided to return the car one day before my rental will end as I was flying early morning and they have £ 40 charge for dropping car outside open hours.
I cleaned the car and went to office.
The rude man came outside and took photos of the R side of the car, front and back and checked the patrol level.
He turned the car so he can inspect the L side of it. He went straight to lower part of back door and wheel wing and said I have a new scratch . He took a photo very close and I asked him to take a photo from the same angle his colleague did when I collected the car but he refused.
The scratch was not visible from the angle first photos were taken.
That is an old scratch which has been painted as it was white- same colour as the rest of the car.
A new scratch will be black or the colour of stone, pavement which caused the damage.
The man asked me to sign on his mobile application in order to download the photos and compare them with previous ones .
I started complaining that he should take photos in similar angles and he refused blank to do so.
He charged me £408 for the scratch which I refused to pay as I do not accept liability for the scratch .
He refused to give me an acknowledgment of returning the car and asked one of his colleagues from a different car rental company to drive off the car . I informed him that I have the rental contract and some other important documents in the car but he refused to bring it to me.
I managed to take a couple of pictures from the same angle as initial photos were taken before they removed the car.
He insisted to pay so he can give me back the rest of my deposit and acknowledgment for returning the car. I called police, my credit card company and Expedia.
He threatened me with legal action if I leave without paying.
The security removed me from the premises.
Whilst I was trying to think what is best to do, I saw the car being driven off the rental company on the motorway.
I realised that the car is still under my rental and that person driving it can damage it or have an accident and I could be accountable.
I went back escorted by security and paid (forced by circumstances) in order to get a proof that I returned the car. I even wanted to write on the authorisation that I do not accept liability for the scratch but he stopped me.
This experience made me feel sick for 3 days, spoiled my holiday and distressed my family.
We had an extremely bad treatment by this man and my children fell asleep on the corridors whilst I was fighting for my rights with him.
Expedia is useless and not willing to stop making business with them.
The Goldcar customer service and their escalation team is useless.
Please avoid this company

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By Goldcarrental

Written on: 19/03/2018

Dear customer,

Thanks for your comment.

We're trying to improve our services and your opinion is essential to do so.

On the issue you described, you have to know that our policy establishes that if when the car is returned we found any damage that wasn’t marked on the check out sheet we give our customers when they pick up the vehicle, it would be charged to them as we understand that this damage was made under their responsibility.

Please keep in touch with our Customer Service department by opening a query through our website, as they are the only ones capable of manteining contact with Bucharest offices. That way,they'll talk with them an contact you backr ASAP in order to clarify this matter.

Kind regards.
Victoria R.
Goldcar Representative.

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